Got it! Second edition

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Second Edition

With an emphasis on meaningful communication and skills development, Got it! Second Edition builds students’ confidence to communicate in English.

  • Language Level: Lower Secondary

Got it! Second Edition retains the tried and tested formula of the first edition with 100% new content. Language is presented in context at the start of every unit in a photo-story in the lower levels and in an interesting, teen-appropriate text in higher levels. The guided discovery approach to grammar encourages students to reflect on the language they are learning and supports autonomous learning.

  • Student Book & Workbook
  • Split edition Student Book & Workbook
  • Online Workbook and Extra Practice
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Class audio CDs
  • DVD
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Online Teacher Resources

Key features

  • Extensive Online Practice through the Got it! Plus Practice Kit develops students' language skills and provides instant feedback.
  • Language is presented in context in either a photo-story or interesting text that will engage teen learners.
  • A new, improved skills syllabus with a new Writing Bank and more listening opportunities builds students' confidence.
  • A guided discovery approach to grammar encourages students to think.
  • Interactive grammar presentations provide an effective and fun way to present new grammar.
  • New online progress tests, practice questions for a range of international exams, and self-assessment pages ensure all your students can progress with confidence.
  • The online Gradebook lets you assign, track and monitor your students' progress.
  • New video material to engage and motivate teens.


Got it! Second Edition offers teachers greater flexibility with plenty of optional extra resources and digital tools, including new interactive grammar presentations and more than 50 printable worksheets in the Got it! Online Workbook and Got it! Plus Practice Kit to provide support and challenge; activities and videos that fill the screen in the Classroom Presentation Tool; and the opportunity to try out online homework with the new Got it! Plus Practice Kit.

A new, improved skills syllabus provides all the support your students need to develop their skills, including: a dedicated 'Skills' page in every unit with 'My Skills' boxes to practice useful strategies; new guided writing tasks in every unit; 'Extra communication' pages which offer further listening practice and extra functional vocabulary; and a Writing Builder lesson for each unit which covers a range of useful writing rules from using punctuation correctly to organizing ideas in a piece of writing.

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