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insight je päťúrovňový kurz pre stredoškolských študentov.

  • Level: Elementary to Advanced (A1-C1)

Prináša pre Vašich študentov pokroky, výzvy, inšpiráciu a budovanie zručností pre celoživotné vzdelávanie.

  • Student's Book
  • Workbook
  • Workbook with Online Practice (live August 2013)
  • Online Workbook Plus (live August 2013)
  • Teacher's Book and Resource Disk
  • Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT)
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Test Bank Multi-ROM

Key features

  • Podnetné témy a texty naplnené informáciami motivujú študentov k vyjadreniu názorov, naučia ich veľa o dnešnom svete
  • Zrozumiteľný a systematický prehľad slovnej zásoby, strany Vocabulary insight a desaťstranová Vocabulary bank
  • Culture pages v každej lekcii a s nimi súvisiace DVD
  • Väčšina maturitných tém je pokrytá. Typy testových úloh na maturitu sa objavujú vo všetkých lekciách a pripravujú študentov na maturitnú skúšku z anglického jazyka.


With insight your students get an insight into the world with topics that will inspire them to think. insight is packed full of interesting texts on subjects ranging from the science of taste, to immigration in New York, and the history of the BBC. These thought-provoking topics and information-rich texts will challenge your students' opinions, educate them about the world they live in, and inspire classroom and online discussion. Texts include an interesting fact or nugget of information that your students will want to tell their friends and family about, helping them remember the lesson and the language points that were covered.

insight provides your students with an insight into language with a syllabus that challenges them to go deeper. Your students will learn about the rules of vocabulary such as collocation, word building, register and connotation and gain a deeper awareness of vocabulary. The vocabulary insight pages will develop your students' dictionary and thesaurus skills enabling them to work more independently. Students can further practise their vocabulary, grammar and skills online.

insight prepares your students for a life of learning with a focus on developing their skills and encouraging autonomous learning. Progress check pages in the Workbook allow students to reflect on and take responsibility for their learning. Strategy boxes with step-by-step guides in every unit develop your student's core skills, while a dedicated double page writing spread in every unit with a step-by-step writing guide builds good writing habits.

The interactive tools in the Online Workbook Plus and Online Practice encourage students to independently review their learning. Students can practise an activity as many times as they need, see the right answer and check if they answered correctly.

Further tools such as automatic marking, the integrated Speak and Record feature that you can listen to and mark, and instant links to the Grammar Reference and Wordlists, enhance the supportive environment for independent learning beyond the classroom.

The Online Gradebook keeps you up to date with students' learning, making it easy for you to track and report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses within a class.

insight teachers say…

“When the students are armed with all the vocabulary, they can express themselves with ease even when talking about complicated matters.” Lucie Rejzková, Czech Republic

“Learning vocabulary is more vivid and interesting than ever.” Miroslava Gajdošová, Slovakia

“Vocabulary insight pages give my students a better understanding about English vocabulary. They learn how words function in the language, and how it is necessary to look at the meanings in context instead of just taking the first meaning.” Rita Rudaitiene, Lithuania

“The topics in insight focus on realities that teenagers can easily connect with . . . As a consequence, students not only develop their language skills but also their communication skills because they participate more enthusiastically in discussions.” Deolinda Araújo, Portugal

“My students learn more than just English.” Janine Laudolt, Switzerland

“The best thing is that there are plenty of small speaking exercises in which students are encouraged to use the same vocabulary again.” Maeike Kiers, the Netherlands

“The topics are the key ones that are part of school leaving exams.” Ivanna Herbst, Slovakia

“This is the textbook I really enjoy teaching from.” Jana Bodláková, Czech Republic

Impact Study

Oxford Impact Evalutated


Insight is a popular secondary English Language Teaching course designed for motivated students, challenging them to reach their full potential and inspiring a lifelong love of learning. A qualitative impact study* was conducted in order to gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers feel that Insight encourages their students to think deeply about language and the wider world.

* An impact study is research that investigates a particular change or outcome that a product or service has on the group of people it is intended to help or benefit..

Found to encourage students to think deeply about language and the wider world.

We gathered deep and rich feedback from teachers using in-depth interviews and found the following:

Key findings:
  • Insight’s real-life, engaging topics stimulate learner’s interest
  • Insight’s information-rich texts facilitate conversation and exploration
  • Insight’s challenging syllabus encourages deep thinking
  • Insight’s vocabulary insights enable exploration of vocabulary and language in greater depth

Download the summary report (PDF, 753 KB)

Customer Testimonials

“It’s the topics…they are good for conversation, for speaking exercises”.

Teacher, Italy

“When I use Insight I see that the authors have really thought about it, that they actually want us to teach those study skills. They give tips, they tell the students how to get about certain exercises and this is great”.

Teacher, Poland

“…These [topics] are all things that students can relate to, connect to. This aspect makes it interesting to read those texts”.

Teacher, Benelux

“…it talks a lot to the heart and to the lives of the students and so they commit to it and they don’t mind exploring it and they do it happily”.

Teacher, Portugal

Oxford Impact

Find out more about Oxford Impact

The Insight impact study was conducted in February and March 2020. 12 teachers from 4 countries took part in the qualitative research.