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insight Advanced

Challenge. Develop. Inspire

The five levels of insight are aimed at students who are studying at A1 to C1 levels. The course content covers everything from the absolute basics of how to pronounce the alphabet and numbers at Elementary Level through to understanding how to apply the complex language skills required in academic and professional situations at Advanced Level.

Across all levels of insight, your students will be challenged by the thought-provoking topics and information-rich texts that will educate them about the world they live in and inspire debate and discussion.

The approach to learning vocabulary throughout the course is consistent, coherent and systematic. Students have a wealth of opportunities to practice and embed their learning through vocabulary insight pages in every unit, a ten page vocabulary bank at the back of the Student Book for each level and additional online vocabulary practice.

Culture and literature are also woven into lessons across every level of insight with literature extracts from a wide range of genres, and exercises that highlight the customs, traditions, and history of English-speaking countries.

  • Student's Book
  • Workbook
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Online Workbook Plus
  • Teacher's Book and Resource Disk
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Test Bank Multi-ROM

Key features

  • Five level course for learners from A1-C1 (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Ten units in each level. Each unit has five sections covering reading and vocabulary; grammar and listening; listening, speaking and vocabulary; culture, vocabulary and grammar; and writing
  • Vocabulary insight pages and Reviews at the end of every unit with Cumulative Reviews after every two units
  • Ten page Vocabulary Banks at the end of each level of the course
  • All school-leaving exam topics are covered, and exam-like tasks appear throughout all levels to help prepare your students for their exams
  • Focus on developing students’ independent study skills and encouraging autonomous learning. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning
  • Strategy boxes with step-by-step guides at every level develop core skills in a supportive way
  • Multi-component package available including Students’ Books, print and online Workbooks, additional Online Practice material, Teacher’s Books (with accompanying Teachers Resource Disk), audio CDs, Classroom Presentation Tool, and Test Bank Multi-ROMs

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Student's Book


The insight Student's Book provides everything your students need to engage with...



The insight Workbook is an essential accompaniment to the Student's Book, provid...

insight Advanced Workbook and Online Practice cover
Workbook and Online Practice


The insight Workbook with Online Practice provides an abundance of material to s...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-401110-5 insight Advanced Student's Book
978-0-19-401115-0 insight Advanced Workbook
978-0-19-401537-0 insight Advanced Workbook and Online Practice
978-0-19-401080-1 insight Advanced Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Disc Pack
978-0-19-401100-6 insight Advanced Class CDs (3)
978-0-19-461545-7 insight Advanced Student's Book Classroom Presentation Tool
978-0-19-405889-6 insight Advanced Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool
978-0-19-406281-7 insight Advanced Workbook e-book 2019
978-0-19-406277-0 insight Advanced Student's Book e-book 2019