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Metro First Edition

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An exciting new secondary course that reflects the lives of teenagers today and takes students on the next step of their learning journey to become confident, independent learners.

  • Language Level: A1 – B1

Experience a fresh combination of reliable methodology and fun new features with Metro, Oxford University Press’s brand new secondary course.

Created to reflect the lives of teenagers today, the course not only covers quirky and engaging topics that will spark students’ interest, it also takes into account the ways in which today’s teens learn about the world around them, from watching YouTube videos to messaging their friends.

The course’s methodology provides just the right balance between support and challenge. The structure and skills practice that Metro provides means students can succeed in English, but there are also features which enable students to challenge themselves to become more confident and independent learners.

  • Student Book and Workbook Pack
  • Student e-book
  • Student Book and Workbook Pack (Brazil)
  • Teacher’s Pack

Key features

  • Plenty of video content, with two graded videos in every unit, keeps students engaged.
  • On the Move smartphone activities mean students can practice English wherever they are.
  • Online Homework provides fun, interactive language practice, with automatic marking for instant feedback.
  • Effective reading syllabus with graded texts based on real sources ensures learners are challenged at just the right level.
  • ‘Good readers’ and ‘Good writers’ tips equip students with strategies to instantly improve their performance.
  • Reflective questions encourage students to think critically.
  • The brand new Classroom Presentation Tool allows teachers to easily run more engaging, interactive lessons.
  • A wealth of testing material means teachers can keep track of students’ progress all year round, and be confident in their learning outcomes.
  • Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pairwork worksheets save teachers hours of lesson preparation time.


Created to reflect the lives of teenagers today, the topics in Metro have been chosen to spark students’ natural curiosity and delivery takes into account how teenagers like to learn about the world around them. Each unit contains two graded videos presented by a group of relatable teen friends, who make learning accessible and fun.

Informed by the latest pedagogy, the course offers just the right amount of challenge and encourages students to think critically. Target language and grammar is first presented in context, encouraging students to reflect on meaning and interpretation, and ‘Good readers’ and ‘Good writers’ tips equip students with strategies to instantly improve their performance.

The course’s broad range of resources and digital components are perfect companions for busy teachers. The Classroom Presentation Tool makes it easy to deliver heads-up lessons, and the Online Homework enables teachers to easily assign and mark homework, and track students’ progress.

Scope and Sequence

Metro First Edition includes:

Metro First Edition includes: