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Metro Level 2 Student e-book

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Metro Level 2 Student e-book

Where will Metro take you?

Format: Online resource

An exciting new secondary course that reflects the lives of teenagers today and helps to develop confident and independent learners.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-401689-6
  • Price: GBP 12.50 + Sales Tax

The Metro e-books allow students to access all the content from the Student's Book and Workbook on their tablet or computer. Audio is built-in and can be accessed straight from the page, and annotation tools allow students to personalize their ebooks.

Available for iPad and tablets for Android via the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app and online on a computer at Learners study onlineor on a tablet andtheir work syncs between devices.

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Students can buy e-books as an in-App purchase by downloading the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app and tapping Book shop.

Key features

  • Improve pronunciation: Students can repeat audio, record themselves and compare to original.
  • Improve listening: Integrated audio which students can slow down to hear each word clearly.
  • Personalise the e-book: Students can save written or spoken notes anywhere on the page and use the pen tool to draw and highlight.
  • Easy to get around: Using bookmarks, jump to page, and thumbnail sorter.
  • Access the e-book on a tablet or online on a computer: Work is synced between devices.


Created to reflect the lives of teenagers today, the topics in Metro have been chosen to spark students' natural curiosity and delivery takes into account how teenagers like to learn about the world around them. Each unit contains two graded videos presented by the same group of relatable teen friends, who make learning accessible and fun.

Informed by the latest pedagogy, the course offers just the right amount of challenge and encourages students to think critically. Target language and grammar is first presented in context, encouraging students to reflect on meaning and interpretation, and 'Good readers', 'Good writers' and 'Good listeners' tips equip students with strategies to instantly improve their performance.

The course's broad range of resources and digital components are perfect companions for busy teachers. The Classroom Presentation Tool makes it easy to deliver heads-up lessons, and the Online Homework enables teachers to easily assign and mark homework, and track students' progress.

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A new secondary course reflecting how today’s teens learn about the world and each other

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