Metro Starter Student Book and Workbook Pack

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Metro Starter Student Book and Workbook Pack

Where will Metro take you?

Format: Mixed media format

An exciting new secondary course that reflects the lives of teenagers today and helps to develop confident and independent learners.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-441007-6

The Metro Student Book is made up of interesting topics which appeal to students' natural curiosity and sense of fun, answering the questions today's teens want to know. The accompanying Workbook mirrors and reinforces the content covered in the Student Book.

The Online Homework, also included in this pack, allows students to practise the material covered in class and track their own progress. Students can begin to take responsibility for their own learning and view their areas of strength and weakness.

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This pack includes:

  • Student Book and Workbook
  • On the Move
  • Online Homework

Key features

  • Each unit in the Student Book is introduced by the same group of teen characters
  • Magazine-style design with eye-catching images reflects the real world of teen learners
  • Review pages features lots of practice in grammar and vocabulary from the unit and can be completed in class or as homework
  • Culture pages provide a fresh take on the topic from different parts of the world
  • Projects help students to develop planning and organizational skills
  • Accompanying workbook reinforces the material covered in the student book
  • Online Homework allows students to practice what they learned in class and track their own progress
  • The On the Move smartphone activities allow students to access engaging, quiz-like language practice wherever they are


Created to reflect the lives of teenagers today, the topics in Metro have been chosen to spark students’ natural curiosity and delivery takes into account how teenagers like to learn about the world around them. Each unit contains two graded videos presented by a group of relatable teen friends, who make learning accessible and fun.

Informed by the latest pedagogy, the course offers just the right amount of challenge and encourages students to think critically. Target language and grammar is first presented in context, encouraging students to reflect on meaning and interpretation, and ‘Good readers’ and ‘Good writers’ tips equip students with strategies to instantly improve their performance.

The course’s broad range of resources and digital components are perfect companions for busy teachers. The Classroom Presentation Tool makes it easy to deliver heads-up lessons, and the Online Homework enables teachers to easily assign and mark homework, and track students’ progress.