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Oxford Discover Futures Level 3 Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool

Oxford Discover Futures Level 3 Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool

Format: Online resource

Oxford Discover Futures empowers students to shape their futures with an inquiry-based approach and a focus on 21st Century Skills.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-411739-5

The Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool is an interactive Student Book with autocorrect functionality, keys for suggested answers, audio, videos, and additional activities to support the Student Book content.

The Classroom Presentation Tools can be downloaded from the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf .and used offline, online, or via a web browser. Institutions can buy access codes for their students.

The access codes for the Oxford Discover Futures Classroom Presentation Tools can be found in the Teacher's Pack, or teachers can purchase access codes via our website.

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Key features

  • Show the Workbook on screen during lessons.
  • Play audio from the page.
  • Launch activities in full-screen mode to focus your students' attention on a single activity.

  • Speed up or slow down the audio to tailor lessons to your students' listening level.
  • Record your students speaking and compare their voices to the course audio.
  • Plan your lessons wherever you are. Add text or audio notes to a page, save your web links, then open them in class.
  • Use a range of pen and highlighter tools to annotate the page.


How do you motivate your students to engage and participate in language learning? How do you equip them with the skills they need for future success?

Oxford Discover Futures is a six-level course, created to address the evolving needs of secondary-level learners of English in the 21st century. Second language acquisition is now much more than an academic pursuit. It has become an essential skill for global cooperation and problem solving. Oxford Discover Futures is centered on the belief that language and literacy skills are best taught within a framework of critical thinking and global awareness, and it aims to guide students toward the broader goals of communication.

Oxford Discover Futures creates a positive and motivating learning environment by:
  • Providing content that is relevant, informative, and educational.
  • Allowing students to consider key questions and to reflect on and reconsider their responses as they develop their understanding
  • Challenging students to think critically about topics, issues, and questions.
  • Fostering competence in reading and writing.
  • Life skills lessons which develop transferable skills for lifelong learning.
  • Developing strategies that help students perform well in academic study and examinations.
Lifelong Learning with the Oxford Discover Family

Oxford Discover Futures belongs to a family of Oxford courses which share the same inquiry-based methodology, with a focus on 21st Century Skills. It follows on from Show and Tell and Oxford Discover. These courses offer schools a continuous inquiry-based learning path, which evolves with students as they grow. Each course provides the right level of cognitive challenge to support lifelong learning and success.

Classroom Presentation Tool

Deliver heads-up lessons for both the Student Book and Workbook. Class audio, video, answer keys, and teaching notes are available online or offline, and updated across the teacher's devices.

The Student Book Classroom Presentation Tool includes:
  • Videos at the start and end of each unit
  • Audio
  • Embedded answers
  • Extra activities
The Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool includes:
  • Audio
  • Embedded answers
The access codes for the Oxford Discover Futures Classroom Presentation Tools can be found in the back of the Teacher's Guide, or teachers can purchase access codes via our website.

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