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Project Explore

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Explore Series je ucelená 9dílná série pro základní vzdělávání.

  • Language Level: Starter to Level 4 (A1-B1)

Česká edice učebnic a pracovních sešitů
Všechny komponenty jsou již v prodeji
Project Explore 1 a 3 : č.j. MSMT – 42396/2018.
Akreditace je platná do roku 2025.
Project Explore 2 a 4 : č.j. MSMT-4306/2019-8.
Akreditace je platná do roku 2025.

  • Učebnice
  • Pracovní sešit s přístupem na Online Practice
  • Metodická příručka
  • Student Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Pack
  • Class Audio CDs

Key features

  • Prepare students to use English in the real world with a range of topics, texts and tasks.
  • Meet the needs of every student with material which works in mixed ability classrooms and supports every student.
  • Spark curiosity with projects, culture lessons, photostories and cartoons.
  • Develop life skills with activities that encourage creativity, collaboration and communication.
  • Support and challenge your students appropriately at every stage of their learning journey.


Spark students' curiosity
  • Discover 100% new texts, photo stories, cartoons and activities.
  • Delve into a new fictional world in stories by award-winning author Paul Shipton, which offer cumulative revision of the grammar and vocabulary after every two units.
A course you can rely on
  • Each lesson is underpinned by the familiar Project methodology.
  • Culture and Learn through English lessons provide optional extra material.
  • Revision pages in every unit help you to monitor students' progress.
  • Further ideas and activities in the Teacher's Guide provide extra support and challenge.
Prepare your students for the next step in their learning journey
  • Develop life skills with activities that encourage creativity, collaboration and communication.
  • Strong emphasis on learning to learn prepares students for the world beyond the classroom.
  • Supportive approach to Writing and Speaking helps all students to become capable communicators in English.

Project Explore includes: