Project 3

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Project 3

Fourth Edition

This new edition of Tom Hutchinson's bestselling course combines all the aspects that students and teachers loved from the previous edition with exciting new digital components, extra resources and more teacher support than ever before.

  • Part of: Project
  • Language Level: False Beginner to Intermediate (A1-mid B1)

Your students will love watching the new animated Mickey, Millie and Mut and Sweet Sue and Smart Alex cartoons. In later levels of the course the cartoons are replaced with dramatized episodes of Kids, the photo-story from the Student's Book. For your kinaesthetic learners there are new fun total physical response pronunciation activities in the pronunciation bank at the back of the Student's Book. Other students will enjoy reading the stories in the extensive reading bank.

And you will love all the teacher support available with Project fourth edition. Use digital resources more effectively in your lessons with the digital workshops that give you step by step guides to using some of the most educationally beneficial sites on the internet as well as ideas for how you can use them with the projects in the Student's Book.

Key features

  • The tried and tested methodology of Project which is trusted by teachers around the world
  • New extensive reading bank with stories graded at the appropriate level
  • New pronunciation bank including both TPR activities and quiet individual activities
  • New test bank includes ready-made tests, plus a bank of extra material for teachers to create bespoke tests. Please contact your local representative for more information.
  • More multi-skill and communication exercises to prepare you students for using English in the real world


The new components available with the fourth edition ensure that you have all the support you need.

Pitch your tests perfectly to the level of your students with the Project Fourth edition test generator. Creating the test yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse allows you to choose exactly what is tested and rules out any chance of your students getting hold of the test before you want them to. The test generator automatically generates the matching answer key for your test making marking easy. Please contact your local representative for more information.

You will never run out of material with Project fourth edition. As well as the core units in the Student's Book there are additional photocopiable worksheets and interactive exercises on the Teacher’s Site. There is also new video material with accompanying worksheets for all the culture topics in the Student’s Book, giving you an alternative way to cover the topics. The extensive reading bank at the back of the Student’s Book could be used as extension material for fast finishers or as whole class material. All the stories include dialogue so why not get your students to act them out in class?

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ISBN Title
978-0-19-476457-5 Project Level 3 Student's Book
978-0-19-476292-2 Project Level 3 Workbook with Audio CD and Online Practice
978-0-19-476592-3 Project Level 3 Class Audio CDs
978-0-19-476575-6 Project Level 3 DVD
978-0-19-482366-1 Project Level 3 Student's Book Classroom Presentation Tool
978-0-19-482367-8 Project Level 3 Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool
978-0-19-476685-2 Project Level 3 Teacher's Book and Online Practice Pack
978-0-19-483437-7 Project Level 3 Student's Book e-book
978-0-19-483438-4 Project Level 3 Workbook e-book
978-0-19-476741-5 Project Level 3 Online Practice