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Smart Talk Level 2 Student Pack

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Smart Talk Level 2 Student Pack

New Edition

Format: Mixed media format

Level 2 of the Smart Talk Student Pack includes the Student Book/Workbook and Online Practice access code which leads to the Media Resource Center.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-452813-9

Everything you need to get older teens communicating with confidence beyond the classroom!

The Smart Talk Student Pack provides plenty of opportunities for extra practice in the Workbook and with the Online Practice.
The Student book offers effective lessons and achievable learning outcomes to ensure students can use English with confidence.
The Student Workbook pages contain practice in Vocabulary and Grammar, as well as Listening, Pronunciation and Reading.
The Online Practice gives students access to interactive practice, including grammar and vocabulary exercises, video-based listening comprehension and record and playback speaking exercises, all designed to consolidate langauge learning.

This pack includes:

  • Student Book and Workbook
  • Online Practice
  • Media Download Center

Key features

  • Conversation pages focus on getting students speaking everyday English.
  • Achievable learning outcomes ensure students can use English with confidence.
  • Speaking and Writing activities designed to practice vocabulary.
  • Carefully staged grammar activities with personalization opportunities.
  • Online Practice with interactive activities and discussion board
  • Media Download Center, accessible through Online Practice, contains all the course audio and video.


This course gives you everything you need for smart teaching, smart learning and smart talking!

With the same simple formula in each lesson teachers can familiarise themselves quickly with the approach and teach straight off the page. No advance preparation is needed, but there is scope to adapt the lessons if required and plenty of ideas for extra activities in the Teacher’s Guide.

Lessons move from language introduction, to controlled use, down to freer use of language at the bottom of the page, so each lesson is easy to follow, and gives students the tools they need to use English confidently.

Clear, simple learning outcomes at the end of every unit are presented in ‘Now I can’ boxes – encouraging students to self-assess their progress, and increase their confidence.

Smart Talk’s communicative focus means conversation pages focus on getting students speaking everyday English. The conversation contextualises the unit vocabulary and introduces grammar in a meaningful setting, showing students how the langauge can be used in a real life setting.

Speaking pages at the end of every unit are all about fun, communicative exercises that strengthen students’ fluency. Students are encouraged to continue researching the topic online, applying the unit topic to real-life scenarios and encouraging independent learning.

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The course that gets older teens speaking everyday English with confidence.

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