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Solutions iTools

Digital resources for Interactive Whiteboards

Solutions iTools is a set of digital resources for Interactive Whiteboards.

Key features

  • Material selected especially for its interactive potential, and includes all class audio tracks.
  • Electronic flashcards assist with preparation for your oral exams.
  • Alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation chart 'pop-ups' available anywhere within Solutions iTools.
  • Teaching notes included on the CD-ROM itself.
  • Works on any interactive whiteboard or eBeam.
  • Also compatible with data projectors, laptops, and PCs.


Solutions iTools is a disc with Interactive Whiteboard resources, available across all five levels. Solutions iTools contains pre-selected course content from the Student's Book and other course components, chosen for its interactive potential.

Solutions iTools can be used for different stages of the lesson and classroom activities, such as grammar presentations, feedback, games, and pronunciation exercises. Every activity includes an interactive help file, which explains how it works, and how to do it in class.

Solutions iTools includes electronic flashcards to assist students with preparation for oral exams, wordlists, alphabet, number, and pronunciation chart 'pop-ups' with audio, and teaching notes for each activity.

Solutions iTools can be used with Interactive Whiteboards, eBeams, data projectors, PCs, and laptop computers.

iTools Features

  • Material selected especially for its interactive potential
  • Electronic flashcards, which assist with preparation for the oral exam
  • Alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation chart pop-ups
  • Built-in teaching notes to help plan lessons