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Solutions Culture DVD

Second Edition

Format: DVD video

The new Solutions Culture DVD provides teachers with 15 educational and informative DVD clips to use alongside their Solutions 2nd edition Student's Book.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-451489-7

The DVD can be used with any level of Solutions 2nd edition but the language used in the clips and on the worksheets is Pre-intermediate - intermediate level.

The clips address many aspects of the customs, life and people of English speaking countries and cover many school-leaving exam topics making them a useful tool for exam preparation.

Every clip has an accompanying worksheet which includes comprehension, vocabulary and speaking activities. An answer key for each worksheet and a script for each clip are also provided.

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Key features

  • Language level of the clips and accompanying worksheets is Pre-intermediate to Intermediate level
  • Topics include many aspects of the customs, life and people of English speaking countries
  • Topics cover many school-leaving exam topics
  • Accompanying worksheet for every clip which includes comprehension, vocabulary and speaking tasks
  • Answer key for worksheets and scripts for each clip are also included


The original core strengths of Solutions, loved by thousands of teachers worldwide, are still at the heart of the new edition, but have been enhanced and modernized.

The structured syllabus in an easy-to-follow format, with clearly presented objectives, means that the whole class knows what is expected of them in each lesson. Students therefore feel a sense of achievement after every class, which is especially important for teenagers. Solutions is well known for getting every student speaking. Speaking lessons follow a step-by-step approach, offering a model to listen to, lots of language input, ideas of what to say, and plenty of opportunities to speak. The tasks are relevant to teenagers and give them the freedom to improvise while combining all the elements learnt in the lesson.

Exam preparation is kept as a focus throughout, not only in the Get Ready for your Exam pages for every unit, but also in the Exam Strategy boxes, the reviews and self-check pages, and extra activities in the other components. Through these activities, students can build their confidence and develop exam strategies, and both students and teachers can keep on track of their progress in relation to what is expected of them in their exams.

Solutions recognizes that different students are motivated by different learning approaches. All the components cater to mixed-ability classrooms, and the multi-dimensional package offers teachers the flexibility to adapt the resources to suit the needs of their students. The teacher can draw on a bank of resources - from the Teacher’s website to the Test Bank CD - to support and extend the material in the Student’s Book and Workbook, meaning that no student need be left behind or feel insufficiently challenged. The Online Workbook enables independent interactive learning at a pace to suit each student, whilst the Online Gradebook provides teachers with easily accessible information for planning mixed-ability lessons and group learning programs in the classroom. Solutions even offers the student dedicated mobile phone apps for vocabulary reference and practice on the go.

While retaining control of students' progress, the teacher can exploit the course's productive approach which motivates the students to learn by themselves both in and out of the classroom. Tasks all lead towards a real-life practice activity which allows the student to activate the grammar and vocabulary learnt in that lesson in a personalized way. DVD episodes bring the language to life by taking it out of the classroom and into authentic settings, while the audio built into the Student’s Book and Workbook brings the passages alive. Independent learning is promoted through the 'Check your work' feature for writing tasks and the self-check pages in the Workbook.Further interactive elements in the Online Workbook such as automatic marking and instant feedback, the integrated Speak and Record feature that a teacher can listen to and mark, and instant links to Grammar Reference and Wordlists, enhance the supportive environment for independent learning beyond the classroom. By being actively involved in the learning process, students become more engaged and confident, and in turn take control of their learning.

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Clip 1A modern American familyPeople, Family and social life
Clip 2Unusual homesHome, Environment
Clip 3Camden fashionPeople, Clothing and fashion
Clip 4The English educational systemSchool, Education
Clip 5Working in the US: a day in the lifeWork, Employment
Clip 6The changing way we shopShopping and services
Clip 7We are what we eatFood, Lifestyle
Clip 8A small worldTravel and tourism
Clip 9The Edinburgh FestivalCulture, Free time, Entertainment
Clip 10 British and American sportsSport, Free time
Clip 11The secret to a long lifeHealth, Food, Lifestyle
Clip 12Life-saving inventionsScience and technology
Clip 13 Our changing planetEnvironment, Man and nature
Clip 14The Universal Declaration of Human RightsState and society
Clip 15The Changing of the GuardBritish customs and traditions

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