An enhanced edition of the popular English course for secondary students, now with a multi-dimensional package to cater to a range of abilities in the classroom.

Solutions Intermediate Teacher's Book and CD-ROM Pack

Second Edition Tim Falla and Paul A Davies


Mixed media format

The Solutions Second Edition Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resource CD-ROM provides a comprehensive package to support Solutions teachers, and is perfect for mixed-ability classrooms.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-455372-8

The Teacher's Book shows at a glance the resources available for each unit, and provides numerous ways to extend the material in the Student's Book for both fast finishers and weaker students.

This pack includes:

    • Teacher's Book
    • Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

Tab 1

  • Clear, two-colour design
  • Teaching notes for every lesson in the Student's Book
  • Numerous ideas for mixed-ability classes - optional extension activities for fast finishers and weaker students, and suggestions for stretching stronger students too
  • Culture and language notes
  • Unit overviews give a map of all the resources available for each unit, and include ideas for songs and useful web links
  • Printable worksheets to revise and extend the core unit vocabulary and grammar (perfect for mixed-ability classes), additional unit reviews for extra vocabulary support, and communicative worksheets for pairwork speaking
  • Extra interactive vocabulary and grammar exercises to use in class

Tab 2

The Solutions Second Edition Teacher's Book acts as a map of the course, showing the teacher all the resources available for each unit and suggesting ideas for extension, research, and activities, alongside songs and web links. With this bank of resources, the teacher can adapt lessons to the varying needs of his/her students, and choose the most suitable learning tools for them.

The Teacher's Book provides guidance for how to lead in to the skills objectives and 'I can...' statements printed at the beginning of the units, as well as how to reflect on what has been achieved. It provides suggestions for extra practice in all skills, as well as revision and extension ideas for faster and weaker students, plus help with extending or shortening the lessons.

No student need be left behind or insufficiently challenged, and with the support of additional activities in the range of components, the whole class can follow the Student's Book content without struggle or frustration, giving everyone a sense of achievement after each lesson.

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