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Solutions Pre-Intermediate Online Workbook - Access Code

Format: Online resource

The Solutions Second Edition Online Workbook contains 100% the same content as the print workbook with automatic marking and instant learning support features. It supports the Student's Book content with plenty of extra practice, revision, and a huge number of interactive listening activities.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-455117-5
  • Licence Length: 18 months

Perfect for mixed-ability classrooms and for homework, the Online Workbook contains all the content from the print Workbook and provides extra reading and writing revision and reference material.

The Challenge and Vocabulary Builder extension activities offer further opportunities for language development and students can also extend their listening practice beyond the classroom with the integrated audio.

The Online Gradebook allows teachers to monitor their students' progress, while instant feedback builds students confidence with immediate positive reinforcement.

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Key features

  • 100% same content as the print workbook with automatic grading
  • Clear structure, closely mirroring the Student's Book content
  • Integrated listening tasks in every unit, plus instant links to wordlists and the grammar reference from the Student Book, meaning everything is easily accessible and in one place
  • Speak and record practice gives students more opportunities to practice this important skill away from the classroom
  • Lots of exam practice throughout the units and in the Get Ready for your Exam sections
  • Plenty of revision, reviews for each pair of units, and a self-check page (with instant answers) at the end of every unit
  • Automatic marking and instant feedback help students learn from their mistakes and saves you time
  • Use optional online tools such as the Discussions feature to give students more opportunities to practise informal and topical language.
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The Solutions Online Workbook provides a lively variety of additional interactive activities, which mirror the Student's Book content.

Each unit engages students with topical online exercises and opportunities to get individual graded feedback on activities including free writing and 'Speak and Record' tasks.

Teachers can mark the writing and speaking practice and give students feedback, which can be written or spoken.

Tools such as automatic marking, instant links to Grammar Reference and Wordlists, and answer hints, enhance your students' experience and encourage independent learning. Students can also keep track of their own progress with the Self-check lists.

The Online Gradebook keeps you right up to date with students' learning, making it easy to track and report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

This in turn helps with planning for mixed-ability classes, enabling you to create tailored learning paths for groups of students.

Time-saving tools such as automatic marking, together with the additional opportunities for students to practise at home, give you more teaching time in class.

However you choose to use it, the Online Workbook is an exciting flexible resource providing valuable additional practice and a range of interactive tools to enrich and focus independent language learning.

Click the Add to basket button to buy the Online Workbook and receive an access code by email.

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