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A four-level course with a strong emphasis on grammar, reading, and vocabulary.

  • Language Level: Elementary to Intermediate

Key features

  • A strong focus on reading, with two extensive reading texts in every unit.
  • Building and extending vocabulary using activities that focus on meaning, usage and word-building. Photocopiable vocabulary extension worksheets in the Teacher's Guide introduce more vocabulary.
  • Understanding how grammar works, introducing grammar in reading texts and providing a full range of practice activities.
  • Regular revision and testing with end-of-unit Quick Check tests, revision units, end of term tests, and an end-of-year test.
  • Developing writing skills, with guidance on writing descriptions, emails, stories, interviews, and reports.
  • Quick Tip boxes advise on study skills, how to tackle a task or question type, and organizing written work.
  • Practising listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills with activities on listening for meaning and intonation.


Top Score's topics and Culture Focus pages broaden students' education and activities develop skills that are essential for academic study. Top Score builds on the language students have learned already, extending their knowledge through:

Top Score includes:

Top Score includes: