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With captivating stories, engaging cross-curricular content and a rich variety of print and digital resources, Big Surprise! makes learning fun, memorable and exciting!

  • Language Level: 6 levels (A1 – A1+)

Big Surprise! is the course that brings imagination and excitement into the classroom.

A special surprise at the start of each unit focuses attention and creates a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Big Surprise! captivates classes with a rich variety of beautifully-illustrated stories, and exciting new songs, chants, animations and plays make learning fun and memorable.

With engaging cross-curricular and culture content, and support for mixed-ability classes, open up Big Surprise! and discover the wealth of resources for your dynamic English classroom.

  • Class Book with Songs CD and Skills Record Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Audio CD
  • Teacher’s Resource Pack
  • DVD
  • iPack

Key features

  • A wide variety of story genres and presentation options engage children’s imagination and inspire them to learn
  • DVD with exciting live-action songs, animations and CLIL clips make learning fun
  • iPack with additional games and videos for use on interactive whiteboards engages the attention of the whole class
  • Catchy new tunes, with added video support, will get your class rocking!
  • Plays with live performances (levels 3-6) on the DVD
  • Review lessons of cultural interest supported by fun facts and full-colour photos get children thinking about other subjects and their own life experiences
  • Extra communication activities and authentic photo-stories bring English to life
  • Support for mixed-ability classes: a four-level worksheet pack helps with efficient classroom management
  • Free skills book helps parents get involved with their child’s learning
  • Specific external exam practice activities in every unit in levels 3-6, plus challenge level tests, pave the way to exam success


Open up and discover!

Open up a world of surprises…
Use the Big Surprise! box at the start of the lesson in Levels 1 and 2 to focus attention and inspire curiosity. Open the box and reveal the surprise – colourful flashcards that make learning vocabulary fun.

Stories to captivate and inspire
Big Surprise! captivates classes with a rich variety of stories and story-telling options including story cards and animations.

Each level has six beautifully illustrated stories that explore different genres from traditional fables and fairy tales to modern action-adventure.

Build a solid language base
Extra communication activities and games provide practice in all skills and the real-life photo-stories help bring useful everyday phrases in English to life.

Guided writing activities consolidate language, and speaking activities give students the opportunity to personalize language in meaningful contexts.

Engaging cross-curricular and culture content
Eye-catching photography and topics get children thinking about other subjects and their own life experiences. Review sections every two units include real-world information, photos and topics of cultural interest, giving students a chance to reinforce their learning.

More for mixed-ability classes
To help with efficient classroom management and cater for various levels of ability, Big Surprise! provides four levels of worksheets for each key lesson.

For students who are ahead of the rest, there are fast-finisher activities, as well as challenge-level tests to really stretch them.

Get families involved
A special emphasis on the link between home and school identifies opportunities for families to contribute to their child’s learning.

The full-colour Skills Booklet packaged with the Class Book includes a letter to parents, English-at-home activities, and a progress chart to help learners strengthen their skills and competencies.