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English Time Level 2

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English Time Level 2

Second Edition

Packed with interactive illustrations, stories, and activities, English Time is a six-level course that develops students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills – while they have fun.

English Time offers every child the opportunity to learn English successfully through its unique Big Picture approach, stories, songs, craft activities, and clear grammar presentation.

  • Student Book and Audio CD
  • Teacher's Book with Test Center
  • iTools
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Workbook
  • Picture Cards
  • Wall Chart

Key features

  • Humorous, detailed Big Pictures
  • Cross-curricular and ‘Project Time’ pages
  • Online Practice, a new interactive homework system, that you can assign and track
  • Test Centre with placement tests, Cambridge YLE practice tests, and print-ready and editable unit, mid-term, and final tests
  • NEW Student Audio CD


English Time gives every child the chance to learn English successfully – and enjoy it!

Unique 'Big Picture' approach

  • New language is introduced through entertaining illustrations that draw children in from the very beginning and provide a context for real-life language.
  • The detailed pictures help to build your students' vocabulary and keep them focused on the lesson.

Stories, songs, and craft activities keep students of all learning styles engaged in English Time lessons

  • Stories: the same characters accompany children through all the levels and become their motivating English learning friends. 'Digger's World', an ongoing story, recycles language in a natural, conversational way.
  • Songs: familiar tunes help to make new language memorable. Children will enjoy practising at home with the new Student Audio CD (includes recordings of conversations, grammar, songs, and phonics from the Student Book).
  • 'Project Time' pages: combine English with different skills, such as research, writing and creativity. (Projects are great for showing parents what students have learnt!)
  • Cross-curricular pages: link English to school subjects taught in other classes.

Do you need more levels or pre-writing practice?

Turn English Time into an engaging eight-level course by combining it with Magic Time.

Parent's Guide

Parent Guides provide lively, interactive tips for parents to support their child’s progress in English

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Student Book


ISBN Title
978-0-19-400619-4 English Time 2 Student Book