Everybody Up

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First Edition

초등학생 대상의 7단계 옥스포드 신간 코스북!
실력도 Up! 자신감도 Up! 재미도 Up!

Everybody Up encourages children to use language in a natural and meaningful way by connecting English to their own lives. Colorful cross-curricular lessons link English to other school subjects. Fun stories teach life lessons such as being kind and polite. Great songs, and the special Everybody Up Friends, motivate children to practice English – even at home!

  • Student Book with Student Audio CD
  • Student Book
  • Teacher's Book with Test Center CD-ROM
  • Workbook
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Picture Cards
  • iTools


  • 4000명의 영어 교사들이 교재 개발에 참여하고 300명의 교사들이 직접 수정, 보완하여 출간된 Everybody Up!
    초등학생들에게 가장 필요한 내용과 교과서 위주의 내용을 영어로 학습합니다.
  • 실생활에서 적용할 수 있는 표현들과 도덕적 교훈을 담은 생동감 있는 이야기들로 빠른 영어 습득을 도우며,
    각 레슨마다 등장하는 캐릭터들은 학생들의 친구가 되어 다양한 에피소드를 제공합니다.
  • 수학, 과학, 사회, 미술 등 교과목을 영어로 학습하여 지식 자체를 영어로 받아들이고, 사고하며 표현하는 능력을
    길러주는 교재입니다.
  • 그레미상 수상자 Julie Gold를 포함한 세계 유명 작사 및 작곡가들이 만든 노래들로 발음과 억양을 즐겁게 익힐 수
    있도록 합니다.
  • 캠브리지 YLE 테스트 형식의 문제를 구성하여 국제공인영어시험 대비와 다양한 영역의 언어 능력을 습득할 수
    있도록 했습니다.
  • 디지털 워크북 LMS(Learning Management System) 기능은 학생들은 온라인으로 학습하고 선생님은 학습진도와
    숙제를 관리할 수 있도록 구성되어 있습니다.
  • Parents guide는 자녀가 학원, 학교에서 배운 내용을 가정에서 실제생활에 응용하여 복습할 수 있도록 구성된


Everybody Up motivates children to learn by linking the English classroom to the wider world. The more links you make, the more children are likely to remember. It’s the way they naturally learn.

Links to other school subjects

Colorful cross-curricular lessons at the end of every unit provide a practical link to other school subjects. Learning content through English is meaningful and inspiring to children.

Links to values and real life

Real-life stories teach important life lessons such as being helpful. Values and good citizenship will please parents and help teachers with classroom management.

Links between school and home

A special Everybody Up Friend in each lesson provides children with language they can take home and demonstrate to their parents. Plus, the songs are so catchy they will want to practice them at home.

Links with students around the world

Join our Global Sing-along and sing along with children in other countries! The songs in Everybody Up are written by award-winning songwriters, each with a different style. There’s something for everyone.

Links to standardized English tests

Everybody Up helps prepare children for standardized tests, such as the Cambridge YLE tests, through the Test Center CD-ROM and the skills focus in Levels 5 and 6.

For Parents

Online Practice

Make homework more motivating with Online Practice: an interactive homework system which provides extra activities that link to every lesson in Everybody Up:

  • Students get interactive extra practice in the four key skills.
  • Parents can support their children and view their progress online.
  • Online homework is scored and recorded automatically.

For a 30-day free trial and more information, visit http://euonlinepractice.com/demo