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An exciting six level Primary course that brings real-world English into the classroom. Explorers helps children learn English by encouraging them to explore the world around them.

  • Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate (A1 – B1)

Explorers provides a wide range of components to support teachers and students on their journey of discovery. By using real-world content to introduce language, Explorers invites comparisons with students' own experiences, and encourages broader educational values.

  • Class Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher's Book
  • Class Audio CD's
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Resource Pack
  • Online Practice

Key features

  • Carefully structured grammar presentation ensures students become confident with new language.
  • Rich DVD content offers a unique opportunity to see the real world in action and language in use.
  • Unique CLIL presentation tools help teachers explore different areas of the curriculum.
  • Fun 'Explorer Quests' at every level encourage review and recycling of vocabulary.
  • Extra practice material in the Class Book provides support for the Cambridge English Young learners Tests


Explorers takes children on a journey of discovery and development.

Their journey of discovery explores the real world – How?

  • 'Let's Explore' sections follow the experiences of a group of British children as they explore their world, visiting locations and interacting with people around them. DVD clips support these lessons and bring the language dialogue to life.
  • Exploration of subject areas in the CLIL sections engage students with the topic of the unit. Lessons are introduced with unique cross-curricular flashcards and are supported with DVD clips.
  • Exploration of other cultures through Reading texts and Festival sections help pupils learn about children in other countries.

The journey of development fosters values and strategies children need to improve their learning- How?

Explorers encourages personal values and educates the whole child. Pupils learn how good explorers are good friends, help others, care for animals, look after the environment and raise money for charity.

Explorers also helps pupils become better learners. Every unit ends with self-evaluation, encouraging independent learning.

Explorers motivates learners by taking into account different types of learners with different abilities and different tastes. The wealth of resources and the variety of activities guarantees they will find something they like and that will help them learn.


The DVD lesson is optional but presents a great opportunity for pupils to see the language and vocabulary they have studied throughout the unit come to life.

Each clip explores further the theme of the unit so pupils can discover aspects of life in the UK and make comparisons with their own life. All the situations will be familiar to them, such as visiting the park, a museum or dressing up and going to a party.

The children’s experiences offer pupils the chance to talk about broader educational values such as being kind to animals, raising money for charity, recycling.

Teachers Resource Pack

Every level has an extensive Resource Pack, to support teachers and students. Each pack includes:

  • Structure cards/storybook
  • CLIL Photo Cards
  • Story Cards
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • DVD, full of real world content.