American Happy World 1

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American Happy World 1

American English course for Primary

The Happy series is an eight-level American English course, that’s perfectly in step with your students’ development.

The Happy Series uses different kinds of learning strategies to match children’s changing development and learning styles.

Start the learning journey in the reassuring setting of Happy House.

Introduce children to reading and writing English in the wider world of Happy Street.

Explore a world of fascinating facts with the topic-based approach of Happy World.

And introduce children to the big issues that affect every child on earth and prepare them for exams with Happy Earth.

With Happy, you’ll have happy students at all levels of primary!

  • Student Book with MultiROM
  • Teacher's Book
  • Teacher's Resource Pack
  • Activity Book
  • Class Audio CD

Key features

  • Strong skills development
  • Language presentation matches the maturity of learners with a balance of characters, adventure stories, and authentic material about the real world
  • Cross-cultural with fascinating facts and information on big issues such as climate change
  • Preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests
  • A MultiROM packaged in every Student Book features vocabulary review, songs for listening practice, and activities for CYLET practice
  • Teacher's Resource Packs (first four levels) include reproducible material to assist in the presentation of new language


The Happy Series was created to bring happiness into the classroom because experts agree that it’s easier to help pupils learn a language in a positive learning environment.

The fantastic songs, imaginative stories, and much loved characters lead children through 4 settings – Happy House, Happy Street, Happy World and Happy Earth – that are perfectly in step with a child’s development.

Happy House starts with listening and speaking, introducing the written word in the second year. The stories of Polly’s and Jack’s family and the mice that live under the floorboards offer an attractive combination of familiar and fantasy worlds.

Happy Street is for children who are ready to read and write. The characters from Happy House have grown up a bit and are exploring the streets! The adventures of ‘Colin in Computerland’ are loved by students world-wide.

Happy World is a topic-based course with a focus on interesting facts.

Happy Earth prepares students for exams and introduces them to the big issues that affect every child on earth such as endangered species. It bridges the gap between primary and secondary courses.

Happy teachers meet their students’ needs!

Tailor the Happy series to meet the needs of your school curriculum either using six levels or eight.


  • Student MultiROM with practice games that are marked on screen for immediate feedback.
  • Activities prepare students for international exams such as Cambridge Young learners tests.