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A four-level course that develops learning and language skills, using humorous characters, crosswords, and strip cartoons, with a strong emphasis on listening.

  • Language Level: Four levels: Beginner to Elementary
  • Course Book
  • Audio CD
  • Activity Book
  • Flashcard Pack
  • Teacher's Pack
  • Poster Pack

Key features

  • It provides imaginative, challenging tasks such as listening mazes, codes, and puzzles, which develop both communication skills as well as more general learning strategies.
  • A gently-paced spiral syllabus recycles a limited range of language and ensures confidence and success for all abilities.
  • There is a particular emphasis on developing listening skills, with carefully devised activities to teach children how to listen effectively, how to respond, and how to use the language they've heard to communicate with one another.
  • Entertaining strip cartoons encourage listening and reading for pleasure.
  • Each level also contains two longer stories, told through the accompanying Story Flashcards to keep the ending a surprise.
  • There is an innovative and effective approach to vocabulary building: at the start of each lesson pupils have to remember a secret password, illustrated on the Passwords Poster, for the next lesson.
  • Amusing situations and characters - such as the Ghoul School and the Spies - create an enjoyable learning context. The top-quality illustrations contain the kind of humour and detail children love.
  • Posters, flashcards, stories, games, cut-outs and optional activities all form part of a rich and flexible resource which caters for a range of abilities and learning styles.

I-Spy includes:

I-Spy includes: