Incredible English 2 Activity Book

Incredible English 2 Activity Book

Format: Paperback

A six-level course that gives children more vocabulary, more reading, and more lessons than other primary courses. Your pupils will definitely learn more!

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-444014-1
  • Pages: 96
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 276x219 mm

Incredible English offers you more than any other primary course!

A wide range of brain challenging activities and a unique spy-hole bookmark help you teach more words every lesson.

Entertaining cross-curricular lessons and CLIL posters make it easy for you to teach other subjects through English.

And with a huge range of components, including a puppet and digital resources for interactive whiteboards, you get more and your pupils learn more!

Key features

  • Written by top primary authors, including Sarah Phillips, an expert on how children learn.
  • A CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) section in every unit teaches students other subjects through English.
  • CLIL posters in levels 3-6 extend the topics of the units.
  • Substantial resource pack includes Norton the puppet, flashcards, photocopiable masters, and story frames book.
  • The unique Fixit Game Poster lets children see what they're learning in an engaging, visual way.
  • Cartoon stories written by the award-winning children's author Michaela Morgan.


“If the brain is stimulated and enjoying what it’s doing then you learn more. If it’s too easy, it slides over you, but if it’s a bit more challenging it stays.”

This is the belief of the author Sarah Philips, and every activity in Incredible English is specially designed to challenge the brain, making learning English more exciting for you and your students.

Activities such as ‘spot the difference’ games are made more challenging by changing the position and size of the objects in the picture. This means students have to work harder to engage with the activity so they learn more, and retain it!

Incredible English helps you to combine language learning with learning other skills such as how to learn and working with others. The songs and actions teach students social and life skills while the CLIL lessons enable you to teach other subjects through English and there’s even more CLIL support on the interactive DVD.

What’s more, the extensive Resource Pack offers you everything you need to make lessons more interactive and exciting for your students including Norton the puppet, a Photocopy Masters Book with extra activities, and a unique Fixit revision Poster.

The wide range of activity types, resources, and learning methods appeal to every student no matter what their learning style, so with Incredible English your students really will learn more.

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