Lets Go 3 Skills Book

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Lets Go 3 Skills Book

Fourth Edition

Format: Mixed media format

The Let's Go Skills Book with Listening Practice CD supports the Student Book and Workbook. It gives students extra practice in reading, writing and listening.

  • Language Level: 3
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-462656-9

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This pack includes:

  • Skills Book
  • Listening Practice CD

Key features

  • Extra listening, reading and writing practice in one book.
  • Listening comprehension practice in every lesson reinforces grammar and vocabulary patterns covered in the Student Book.
  • Listening Practice CD allows practice in class or at home.


The Skills Book offers students extra reading, writing and listening practice.

Based on the trusted Let's Go methodology, it uses the vocabulary and grammar patterns that students have covered in the Student Book and Workbook. This approach reinforces the language students have learned with Let's Go and ensures that they are practicing their skills at the correct level.

Listening Practice CD
Research1 suggests that listening is the most commonly used skill, but is often the most difficult one for students to master.2 The Listening Practice CD that accompanies each Skills Book maximizes your opportunities to develop students' listening skills.

  • Every lesson includes an audio-based listening comprehension exercise.
  • Students can only complete each exercise when they understand the audio, so you can be confident that they are making good progress as they work through the book.
  • The activities reinforce the speech delivery patterns that students have heard through the Student Book Audio CD, consolidating what students have already learned. The familiar structures allow them to really focus on understanding and building their listening skills.

1. Wilt, Miriam E. "A study of teacher awareness of listening as a factor in elementary education," Journal of Educational Research, 43 (8), April, 1950, pp. 626-636.
2. http://iteslj.org/Techniques/Bazo-FourSkills.html

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