Let's Achieve available on USB

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Let's Achieve available on USB

New support for Let's Go 4th Edition.

Fourth Edition

Format: USB Flash drive

A 3-in-1 teacher toolkit that helps you document your students' progress and learning outcomes, provides extra practice on grammar and vocabulary, and helps you plan more effective classes.

The toolkit includes:

  • Assessment for Learning grammar and vocabulary test package and review worksheets
  • 36- and 48-lesson curriculum plans
  • Editable worksheets

  • Language Level: A1 - B1
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-462709-2

Let's Go maximizes children’s talking time in class through dialogues, pair work and communicative games. This combined with the rhythm and melody of the acclaimed Carolyn Graham songs makes the language memorable.

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Key features

  • Track students' progress with 42 pre-, progress and post-tests.
  • Support their learning with 112 grammar and vocabulary review worksheets.
  • Customize activities for your students with 112 editable worksheets which include 130 new and reusable illustrations.
  • Design effective classes with 36- and 48-lesson curriculum plans.


Is showing proof of progress important to you?

Do you want to track your students' learning outcomes?

Let's Achieve can help:

Pre-, progress and post-tests
  • Assess your students' progress with 1 pre-test, 4 progress tests and 1 post-test for each level.
  • You can use the results to show parents proof of their children's learning outcomes in grammar and vocabulary progress.
Progress tracker
  • The progress tracker spreadsheet helps you to track and organize test results.
  • It allows you to easily see progress and learning outcomes information.
Grammar and vocabulary worksheets linked to the progress tests give extra support
  • Let's Achieve uses the test results to identify which worksheets your students should use - making it easy and quick for you to give them extra practice material.
  • The 16 worksheets in each level can also be used as material for fast finishers or as homework.
Curriculum plans
  • Design effective classes with curriculum plans that show all the available components from Let's Go Fourth Edition
  • Make plans for 36 and 48 lessons.
Editable worksheets
  • Customize worksheets easily by replacing existing artwork with new illustrations included in Let's Achieve.
  • Choose from 130 new, reusable illustrations within 15 categories.