Let's Go Fourth Edition

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Fourth Edition

전 세계가 인정한 어린이 영어 7단계 코스북! 어린이들의 실제적인 의사소통을 위한 실용 문법과 어휘로 구성되어있습니다.

Maximise children’s talking time in class through dialogues, pair work and communicative games. This combined with the rhythm and melody of the acclaimed Carolyn Graham songs makes the language memorable.

  • Student Book
  • Student Book with Audio CD Pack
  • Workbook
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Book with Test Center and Online Practice
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher Cards
  • Student Cards


  • 처음 시작부터 영어의 말문을 열어줄 Let's Go만의 특별한 학습방법!
  • 어린이들의 유창한 말하기와 읽기 능력을 더욱 강화시킵니다.
  • 새롭게 추가된 재미있는 파닉스 챈트는 정확한 발음과 억양을 학습시켜 줍니다.
  • 새로운 영어 교육게임은 영어학습에 더욱 자신감을 이끌어 줄 게임으로 구성되어 있습니다.
  • 새로운 Let's Go 테스트 센터
    학생들의 정확한 레벨을 확인할 수 있는 레벨 평가지로 활용 가능할 뿐 아니라 수업 후 테스트용으로도 활용 가능합니다.


Success from the very beginning

Millions of children have learned to speak English through the trusted methodology of Let's Go.


1. It gets children talking from the very beginning with conversation, and question and answer practice.

2. It teaches each language pattern step by step and repeats it with plenty of practice which leaves every child feeling 'I can do it!'

3. It uses children’s natural skills through music and movement with the acclaimed Carolyn Graham’s fabulous songs, chants and drum tracks – so they will remember the language and build their fluency.

4. The lessons are systematic, clear and so involving that everyone knows what to do and no child is left behind.

Let's Read …
Now there are new phonics and reading lessons to help children read fluently too!

Online Practice

Make homework more motivating with Online Practice: an interactive homework system which provides extra activities that link to every lesson in Let's Go:

  • Students get interactive extra practice in the four key skills.
  • Parents can support their children and view their progress online.
  • Online homework is scored and recorded automatically.

For a 30-day free trial and more information, visit http://lgonlinepractice.com/demo

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