New Chatterbox Starter

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New Chatterbox Starter

With over 1 million devoted teachers, Chatterbox is a course you can rely on.

Its proven methodology teaches vocabulary and grammar in a fun but controlled way through captivating comic strips such as the universally loved Captain Shadow chase, songs, rhymes, games, and more.

The wide variety of activities means that your students are stimulated and motivated to learn.

And, with a bank of extra games, a portfolio of self assessment activities and 5 tests in the Teacher's Book, you have all the materials you need to extend the lesson.

  • Pupil's Book
  • Teacher's Book
  • Teacher's Resource Pack
  • Activity Book
  • Audio CDs

Key features

  • Controlled grammar syllabus taught in context through fun cartoons, stories, songs, and activities
  • Most lessons have a grammar drill in the form of a question and answer activity
  • Practises language through fun activities, such as songs, rhymes, games, and puzzles
  • Thrilling comic-strip adventure story provides a memorable context for new language
  • Carefully graded syllabus allows for recycling of language
  • Variety of additional materials to extend lessons. The Teacher's Book includes extra games, a portfolio of self-assessment activities and five tests, and the Photocopy Masters Book in the Teacher's Resource Pack contains an additional activity per unit


It's no surprise that Chatterbox has 1 million devoted users.

Author Derek Strange's carefully developed syllabus ensures that "the language input and the entertainment value work in unison on every page". This means that each activity is not only exciting and imaginative, it's pedagogically sound too!

The Captain Shadow cartoon chases are absolutely loved by teachers and students. The fascinating stories develop reading and listening skills and put language and structures into a context students will remember. But that's not all, the different accents and cross cultural aspects of the stories increase children's awareness of other cultures, and students can act out the story for additional speaking practice.

Add humour to your lessons with the entertaining songs. The catchy tunes make it easier for students to remember the target vocabulary and structures, and the funny lyrics recycle old vocabulary too.

The vocabulary and grammar exercises in the Activity Book are interesting and varied so students are motivated to complete them, and the fun but focused revision games help students to practise and consolidate the new language in a stimulating way.

What's more, festival activities and cross-curricular "My World" pages enable children to learn about life in Britain and do projects, while the class plays provide an additional opportunity to extend language skills.

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New Chatterbox is a three-level primary course that combines imaginative and ent...

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