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Oxford Discover 2e

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Second Edition

The 2nd edition of Oxford Discover builds on its tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future success at primary school and beyond.

  • Language Level: Beginner to Upper-Intermediate (A1 - B2)

How are seasons different?' 'Which animals live in the wild' 'Who makes you happy?'

Oxford Discover uses ‘Big Questions’ like these to tap into children's natural curiosity and enable them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them.'

The course is underpinned by four major 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity ensuring Oxford Discover lays the foundations for success in the 21st Century.'

Use with Show and Tell 2nd edition to teach an inquiry-based course from Kindergarten through Primary.

  • Student Book (print)
  • Workbook (print)
  • Grammar Book (print)
  • Writing and Spelling Book (print)
  • Picture Cards (print)
  • Posters (print)
  • Online Practice (Students - 2 years' access)
  • Student e-book (2 years' access)
  • Workbook e-book (2 years' access)
  • Student Resources (2 years' access)
  • Teacher's Guide (print)
  • Online Practice (Teachers - 4 years' access)
  • Classroom Presentation Tools (Student Book, Workbook and Grammar Book - 4 years' access)
  • Teacher Resources (4 years' access)
  • Oxford Discover App (2 years' access)
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Grammar Book CDs

Key features

  • Unique methodology which combines a native speaker approach of inquiry-based learning with a controlled grammar and skills syllabus.
  • NEW 'Talking Points' videos encourage students to use their critical thinking skills and discuss their opinions with each other.
  • NEW 'Teacher's Resource Center' allows you to access all your teaching resources in one place.
  • NEW 'Assessment for Learning Package' to measures students’ progress in 21st Century skills and reading comprehension.
  • NEW 'Teaching Strategies for Oxford Discover' videos linked to the Teachers Guide give a practical guide for different elements of the course.
  • NEW 'Classroom Presentation Tool' shows the course content, on screen, making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.
  • Enhanced engaging video animations provide an entertaining way to present, practice, and consolidate learning.
  • NEW 'Oxford Discover App' motivates students to extend their learning outside of the classroom.


Inquiry-based learning encourages student involvement, promotes collaboration and teamwork, and pushes student to think creatively. Students employ the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing as they identify questions about the world around them, gather information, and find answers.

Oxford Discover supports an inquiry-based approach to learning English. Each pair of units in Oxford Discover revolves around a thought-provoking 'Big Question'. A controlled vocabulary and grammar syllabus gives students the language support they need to explore and discuss each topic.

21st Century Skills are an integral part of the Oxford Discover course. In an age of rapid change and advances in communication and technology it is important that today’s young students continue to develop strong skills in the four main areas:

Critical thinking
Oxford Discover encourages students to think deeply and assess information comprehensively. Students are invited to be curious and to think beyond their normal perspectives.

Oxford Discover offers students plentiful opportunities to become effective listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. Every unit has two pages devoted comprehensively to communication, but these skills are also utilized in general tasks and exercises.

Oxford Discover offers opportunities for collaboration in every lesson, with students working together in pairs, small groups, or as an entire class.

Oxford Discover encourages creativity throughout each unit by allowing students the freedom to offer ideas and express themselves without judgment.

Tapered content in the first six units of Level 1 ensures a smooth progression between Kindergarten and Primary, making learning more manageable, and equipping every student with the confidence they need to succeed.

In addition, today’s young students must develop life and career skills, information, media, and technology skills, as well as an appreciation and concern for the health of our planet and cross-cultural understanding. Oxford Discover strives to help students build on these essential skills in order to succeed in the 21st century.

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Student packs

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Student Book (print)
Student Book e-book
Student Resources


Workbook e-book
Online Practice (for students)

Teacher packs

Teacher Digital Pack


Teacher's Guide (print)
Digital Teacher's Guide (PDF)
Teacher's Resources
Student Book Classroom Presentation Tool

Set practice

Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool
Online Practice (for teachers)


Classroom Presentation Tools
  • Deliver engaging lessons - bring your coursebooks to life in the classroom. Simply present your learning resources on screen for highly engaging lessons either face to face or online.
  • Create an interactive learning experience - instantly play audio and video, launch fun activities and games, show answers, present scripts and expand images for discussion, all from the front of the class.
  • Save time and make lesson planning easy - quickly navigate to your ready to go lessons, add personalised notes and use the pen and highlighter tool to annotate the page. Prepare your lessons anywhere, even when you are offline.

  • Online Practice
  • Save time with ready to go homework activities and extra practice aligned to your course.
  • Set clear practice by managing what your students see - lock and unlock units, lessons or individual activities.
  • Engage your students with videos, audio and various interactive activities with instant automated marking and awards.
  • Track and analyze your students' progress and scores using the integrated Gradebook with a variety of easy to use, visual reports that can be shared with students and parents.
  • Manage home-learning with confidence - quickly create classes, enrol your students, assign practice and communicate via the messages function and discussion boards.
  • Easy to access on desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • E-Books Student Book and Workbook e-books come to life with extra digital features to engage students and enhance their learning experience:
  • Watch video straight from the page.
  • Complete interactive activities with automated marking.
  • Listen to audio for authentic listening practice.
  • Voice record to practice speaking and pronunciation.
  • Add notes and use the pen and highlighter tool to annotate the page.
  • Easily navigate using bookmarks, jump to page, and the search tool.
  • Look up the definitions of words and phrases from the Oxford Learner's Dictionaries.
  • Access activities online or offline, on any device.
  • Impact Study

    Oxford Impact Evalutated

    Oxford Discover

    Oxford Discover is designed to create young thinkers with great futures. We undertook an impact study* to find out if Oxford Discover is perceived to improve student engagement and participation in the Primary classroom through its inquiry-based learning approach and 21st Century Skills methodology.

    * An impact study is research that investigates a particular change or outcome that a product or service has on the group of people it is intended to help or benefit.

    Found to have a positive impact on student engagement and participation in the classroom

    • 97% agreed that Oxford Discover enables students to engage and participate in learning through 21st century skills development
    • 96% believe that Oxford Discover enables students to engage and participate in learning through an inquiry-based learning approach
    • 99% are satisfied or very satisfied with Oxford Discover.

    Download the summary report (PDF, 1,7 MB)

    How does Oxford Discover develop 21st Century Skills?

    "What made me go for this material is how relevant and real life the production (speaking) activities are. In Unit 1, for example, students are asked to introduce their family members and describe their friends."

    Teacher, Brazil, using Oxford Discover for 1–2 years

    "The Big Questions at the beginning of the modules are excellent tools to foster communication and collaboration with the students."

    Teaching Coordinator, Mexico, using Oxford Discover for 1–2 years

    How does Oxford Discover’s Inquiry-based learning approach improve engagement and participation?

    "In our school we have used Oxford Discover as a trampoline to engage students in discovering knowledge and make it their own."

    Director of Studies, Mexico, using Oxford Discover for 1–2 years

    The topics are of real interest to them. Hence they would like to participate and share their own experience as well.

    Head of Department, Egypt, using Oxford Discover for 3–4 years

    Oxford Impact

    Find out more about Oxford Impact

    The Oxford Discover impact study was conducted in October 2018 and March 2019. 198 teachers in 49 countries took part.