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Oxford Phonics World iOS App

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Oxford Phonics World iOS App

Format: iOS App

The Oxford Phonics World App is a three-level phonics course that leads you through the sounds of English. Children over three years old learn sounds step-by-step with a tried and tested methodology.

Games, puzzles and fun animations motivate children to discover and remember the connections between sounds and the letters that represent those sounds.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-470797-8

This brand new 5-level phonics course can be used before or alongside a main course book. Thought-provoking and engaging activities let children actively apply what they learn. They learn to really read, not just memorize words and sounds.

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Key features

  • Learn the entire English alphabet and understand the relationship between letters and sounds
  • Over 200 words across all 3 levels
  • Fun animations, games and puzzles motivate children to learn
  • Students are awarded with trophies and certificates when they complete each level
  • Each level contains an Extras unit with fun activities such as a Picture Maker and Animation Gallery
  • Switch between following the curriculum and your students favourite activities with Unit Access


With the Oxford Phonics World app your students can learn the English alphabet, understand the relationship between letters and their sounds, blend sounds together to read words, and learn through play with a range of games.

The three levels have over 200 words and fun animations:

Level 1 teaches the English alphabet and its sounds, introducing over 100 words along the way; Level 2 teaches how sounds combine together with consonants to form more complex words (e.g. ram, can, cup, jet, and many more); Level 3 introduces different spelling variations of long vowel sounds (e.g. rain, seed, night, bow, cube) and introduces over 75 new words.