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Oxford Phonics World

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First Edition

Oxford Phonics World is the first step on your students' journey into English, leading you through all 44 sounds.

  • Language Level: Beginner

This 5-level phonics course can be used before or alongside a main course book. Thought-provoking and engaging activities let children actively apply what they learn. They learn to really read, not just memorize words and sounds.

  • Student Book with Student Cards and App (Levels 1 -3)
  • Student Book with Student Cards and Reader e-Book (Levels 4-5)
  • Workbook
  • Teacher's Pack (Teacher's Guide with Classroom Presentation Tool)
  • Phonics Cards
  • Phonics Readers and Reader e-Books

Key features

  • Over 150 Phonics Friends - an angry apple, a big bear, and others - help children remember English sounds.
  • Action songs, chants, and games encourage children to discover connections between English sounds and letters.
  • Active class activities develop children's listening, speaking, reading, writing, and spelling skills and provide opportunities to apply them.
  • NEW Oxford Phonics World App with games, puzzles, and animations reinforces learning at home in a fun, hands-on, and interactive way. (levels 1-3)
  • NEW Phonics Reader e-Book promotes home-learning, encouraging a love of reading for pleasure. (levels 4-5)
  • Teacher's Books for every level include a games bank, and guides you step-by-step through teaching phonics.


Let us guide you through the world of phonics...

"As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so the journey of learning English begins with Phonics." Craig Wright – Author
  • Children learn sounds step-by-step
  • A unique journey strip at the bottom of each page shows the sounds learned, and sounds still left to learn
  • Review sections let students and teachers see their progress
  • Go even further with 'Now try these!' activities


"We started using Oxford Phonics World 2 just this year…

My job is easier because of the quality of the materials…and my students are more excited to learn English because the material challenges them in just the right way, offering a task that takes some struggle, but can be overcome…

Now, our students’ writing ability is significantly higher than before, and they are often able to read the short phrases in the stories they’re presented without teacher aid… They like seeing just what they can do, and being able to hold a book that they read on their own makes them visibly proud.”

Corey Fegan – Sendai Shirayuri Elementary, Sendai, Japan


Oxford Phonics World App

An interactive app enhances the journey at home ...
  • With 3 levels, 27 units, 216 games, 27 sets of Extras, and 200 animations, the Oxford Phonics World: School Edition app provides learning that is thorough—and a real delight for children.
  • Children will gain knowledge of the English alphabet and will learn over 200 words in a fun and memorable way
  • Fourteen game types, each with variations, engage children in the learning process
  • Over 200 animations reinforce what students learn in class
  • Collecting smileys, stars, and trophies keeps children motivated
  • Special Extras enable children to make and send pictures using words they have learned, practice tracing letters, and watch their favorite animations
  • Phonics Readers

    Phonics Readers and Phonics Reader e-Books

    Continue the journey into English...
    • Extra reading practice for all children learning English
    • Listen along with downloadable audio
    • Practice new vocabulary through end-of-story activities
    • Notes for teachers and parents

    Oxford Phonics World includes: