Oxford Phonics World

Let us guide you through the world of phonics...

Kaj Schwermer, Julia Chang, Craig Wright

Oxford Phonics World is the first step on your students' journey into English, leading you through all 44 sounds.

This brand new 5-level phonics course can be used before or alongside a main course book. Thought-provoking and engaging activities let children actively apply what they learn. They learn to really read, not just memorize words and sounds.

  • Student Book with Student Cards and Multi-ROMs
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Phonics Cards
  • Phonics Readers
  • Oxford iTools (Digital Classroom Resources)

Look inside

Tab 1

  • Over 150 Phonics Friends - an angry apple, a big bear, and others - help children remember English sounds.
  • Action songs, chants, and games encourage children to discover connections between English sounds and letters.
  • Active class activities develop children's listening, speaking, reading, writing, and spelling skills and provide opportunities to apply them.
  • Multi-ROMs include fun animations and interactive games, stories, and songs for practice at home.
  • Teacher's Books for every level include a games bank, and guides you step-by-step through teaching phonics.

Tab 2

Let us guide you through the world of phonics...

"As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so the journey of learning English begins with Phonics." Craig Wright – Author

  • Children learn sounds step-by-step
  • A unique journey strip at the bottom of each page shows the sounds learned, and sounds still left to learn
  • Review sections let students and teachers see their progress
  • Go even further with 'Now try these!' activities

Tab 3

Continue the journey into English...

  • Extra reading practice for all children learning English
  • Listen along with downloadable audio
  • Practice new vocabulary through end-of-story activities
  • Notes for teachers and parents

Tab 4

An interactive Multi-ROM enhances the journey...

  • Animated presentations reinforce what children learn in class
  • Games help learning continue outside of the classroom
  • Karaoke versions of songs give children chance to use what they learn, in an interactive way

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