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Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids

A picture dictionary for young children organized by topic.

Key features

  • The dictionary presents over 700 words in the context of pictures that tell stories.
  • It features five characters and their families. They appear throughout in a series of 60 double-page illustrations, each of which introduces a topic. The scenes are interesting, amusing situations at home, school, around town and out in the world.
  • The topics are thematically organized and can be presented in any order, but they follow a logical sequence both in content and in language difficulty.
  • Vocabulary is defined with 'callout pictures' (individual pictures taken from the illustration as a whole) to help children isolate each item and search for it in the context of the picture story.
  • Verbs and nouns are included together to encourage students to use the language in context.
  • The dictionary is available in monolingual English, English-Spanish, and English-Japanese editions.
  • It can be used by itself or with the accompanying components as the core of an entire curriculum.