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First edition

Oxford Thinkers is a six level course designed to inspire curiosity, achievement, and critical thinking by asking the Big Questions.

  • Language Level: Beginner to Elementary (Pre A1-B2)

How are people and animals different? Why do we learn things? What's exciting about exploring?

Spark creativity and critical thinking with Big Questions. Explore fun projects included in each level designed to encourage collaboration and communication. The carefully structured approach of Oxford Thinkers combines hands-on projects with plenty of grammar activities and rich multi-media teaching tools.

Prepare students for success inside and outside of the classroom with this dynamic, bright, accessible course.

  • Class Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher Resource Pack
  • Classroom Resource Pack
  • Exam Power Pack

Key features

  • A forward-thinking, stimulating, interactive course with full grammar and literacy support.
  • Strong grammar-focused syllabus, to build students language skills.
  • A ‘Big Questions’ enquiry-based approach engages students and develops 21st century skills.
  • Grammar is presented in a story-based and character-driven context to highlight meaning.
  • Develop students’ confident in reading and writing with a structured literacy approach.
  • Capture your students’ imaginations with extensive reading and writing activities.


Inspire curiosity and achievement in your Primary-aged learners!

Oxford Thinkers is a forward-looking, inquiry-based learning series which brings students’ innate curiosity to the forefront. Enable them to ask their own questions, find answers and discover new concepts.

This fun and colourful programme asks a Big Question at the start of each unit. These questions focus on engaging young minds with new ideas and encouraging the growth of important 21st century skills. In Oxford Thinkers, grammar is presented in a story-based and character-driven context to emphasize meaning and understanding. A structured approach builds on previous units and lots of enjoyable activities to increase retention and reinforce learning.

Give your students the skills they’ll need to get thinking and succeed, both in the classroom and beyond.

21st Century Skills

What are these “21st century skills” teachers keep talking about? How about “The 4 Cs”? Why are they so important to my students?

Critical thinking:

Bring critical thinking into your classroom to teach students how to think for themselves.


Communication gives students the skills they need to discuss topics and describe their world.


Pair work and group work in the classroom prepare your students for sports and other group activities.


Inspire imagination in your young thinkers by getting them excited about their world.Oxford Thinkers supports young thinkers in stretching these four vital skills- skills they will need both inside and outside of the classroom.

Resources for Teachers

Digital Resources
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Downloadable Evaluation Materials
  • Exam Practice DVD
  • Downloadable Audio & Video

Classroom Presentation Tool

  • Onscreen Class Books and Activity Books
  • Rich embedded audio and video content
  • Automatic marking
  • Reduces planning and set up time

Classroom Resource Pack

Oxford Thinkers comes with extra resources for your classroom:
  • Posters
  • Flashcards
  • Wordcards