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Oxford Thinkers Level 2 Teacher's Pack

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Oxford Thinkers Level 2 Teacher's Pack

Format: Mixed media format

The Oxford Thinkers Teacher's Pack includes resources to support and enhance your unique teaching process.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-405421-8

How are people and animals different? What's interesting about families? Why do we like birthdays?

The Oxford Thinkers Teacher's Pack was created especially to assist teachers as they encourage active learning.

It's loaded with essential teaching materials like the heads-up Classroom Presentation Tool, supportive Teacher's Guide, downloadable evaluation materials, and class and test audio. It's the perfect match for creating confident, 21st century-ready readers, writers and speakers.

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This pack includes:

  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Downloadable Evaluation Materials
  • Class and Test Audio

Key features

  • A forward-thinking, stimulating, interactive course with full grammar and literacy support.
  • Strong grammar-focused syllabus, to build students language skills.
  • A ‘Big Questions’ enquiry-based approach engages students and develops 21st century skills.
  • Grammar is presented in a story-based and character-driven context to highlight meaning.
  • Develop students’ confident in reading and writing with a structured literacy approach.
  • Capture your students’ imaginations with extensive reading and writing activities.


Inspire curiosity and achievement in your Primary-aged learners!

Oxford Thinkers is a forward-looking, inquiry-based learning series which brings students’ innate curiosity to the forefront. Enable them to ask their own questions, find answers and discover new concepts.

This fun and colourful programme asks a Big Question at the start of each unit. These questions focus on engaging young minds with new ideas and encouraging the growth of important 21st century skills. In Oxford Thinkers, grammar is presented in a story-based and character-driven context to emphasize meaning and understanding. A structured approach builds on previous units and lots of enjoyable activities to increase retention and reinforce learning.

Give your students the skills they’ll need to get thinking and succeed, both in the classroom and beyond.