Rainbow Bridge Level 1 Teachers Guide Pack

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Rainbow Bridge Level 1 Teachers Guide Pack


Format: Mixed media format
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-411847-7

Children will love exploring the lively, magical world of Bridge Town with their new friends Poppy, Rowan and Fern. The changing seasons provide a backdrop to the adventures of a diverse cast of characters that capture children's imagination and attention.

This pack includes:

  • Combined Class Book & Workbook
  • Student Website
  • Teacher's Guide Pack with Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Resource Pack
  • DVDs
  • Teaching Resources Website

Key features

  • Includes Teacher's Guide, Classroom Presentation Tool and Class Audio CDs
  • Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance on all content in the Class Book, including an introductory description of methodology and concept behind the course.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to run smooth heads-up lessons by projecting the Class Book with embedded audio and video.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool can be used across all devices and is available online and offline.

Part of... Rainbow Bridge

A five-level, British English course with lively stories for young learners, from the authors of Treetops.

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