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Rainbow Bridge 4

First Edition

Students will love exploring the imaginary Kingdom of Albion with their new friends Dylan, Briana and Max. Stories based on British legends and the adventures of a diverse cast of characters capture children’s imagination and attention.

  • Combined Class Book & Workbook
  • Student Website
  • Teacher's Guide Pack with Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Resource Pack
  • DVDs
  • Teaching Resources Website

Key features

  • Prepare students for success at secondary school with a carefully paced grammar and literacy syllabus.
  • Develop students’ critical thinking and 21st century skills with ‘Think’ activities, real-world tasks and creative projects.
  • Help students to connect English with other school subjects through CLIL lessons supported by video.
  • Build students’ understanding of citizenship issues, such as care of the environment, tolerance and inclusion.
  • Give every child the chance to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in English with flexible resources that include tests and activities designed for students with special educational needs.