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Starlight Level 5 Poster Pack

Starlight Level 5 Poster Pack

Succeed and shine

Format: Poster

Using a clear 'engage - practice - communicate' approach in every lesson, Starlight's lively stories, songs, projects, CLIL lessons and high-level course syllabus help students master the language they need for exams and develop their 21st century skills.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-441400-5

The Starlight Poster Pack contains a Grammar and Everyday Language poster for each unit in the Student Book to use in class. A Speak Up poster provides students with useful models for classroom conversations and speaking activities.

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  • 10 Posters

Key features

  • One Grammar and Everyday Language poster for each unit, with grammar tables, explanations and examples of grammatical structures and useful phrases for fluency activities
  • The Speak Up poster has useful structures and models for classroom conversations and pair work


Succeed and shine

Every lesson is underpinned by the ‘engage – practice – communicate’ approach

The lively and imaginative stories capture students’ attention and introduce new language in a meaningful context. Visual vocabulary presentations, story cards and activities activate students’ existing knowledge, and encourage creativity and critical thinking.

A variety of contexts and songs, projects and communicative pair work give students plenty of opportunities to practise new vocabulary and grammar.

CLIL lessons are consolidated and practised through listening activities and personalised communication games in the Student Book, as well as further activities in the Workbook.

The Workbook provides plenty of extra practice of the vocabulary and grammar learnt in every unit. Lots of the activities are personalized, and extension activities keep faster learners motivated.

Role plays, games, projects, and group or paired speaking activities provide opportunities for students to communicate with one another.

A carefully-designed grammar, vocabulary and skills syllabus ensures that students develop the language they need for exams
Starlight’s high-level course syllabus covers a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary in line with the Cambridge Young Learner and KET examinations.

The integrated approach to language and skills development focuses on fluency and accuracy. Systematic recycling of all core language in every unit through review lessons are designed to elicit all unit language from students in preparation for their exams.

Projects, CLIL lessons and cross-curricular videos motivate students by linking English to their world outside the classroom
Motivating CLIL lessons and projects encourage critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, developing children’s 21st century skills.

Culture pages offer the opportunity to transfer useful, practical English language to a range of different areas of the school curriculum such as Art, Music, Science, Geography, History and Maths. The colourful culture pages have real photos to increase student’s intercultural awareness.

The course offers rich video content with animated stories and cross-curricular clips that resemble authentic materials, bringing English to life.

A Project and Value Lesson in every unit integrates socio-cultural aspects of learning and promotes self-esteem, positive attitude, tolerance and respect. The Project and Value Lesson is an active, hands-on, long-form task in which students develop an item or skills that will be useful in real life. The lesson also introduces a civic value that connects to the unit topics. The project has tie-ins to the civic value, the CLIL lesson, the unit grammar structures, and/or the unit vocabulary.

The project development makes it easy to practise the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity in the classroom.

Flexible teaching package offers an array of support resources
The Teacher’s Toolkit includes a Teacher’s Resource CD with worksheets, tests and test audio so students can practise and consolidate their learning.

Posters, flashcards and story cards in the Teacher’s Resource Pack offer opportunities for students to connect with the content and review vocabulary.

The Classroom Presentation Tool delivers heads-up learning.

The student’s website with interactive games, story animations, audio and downloadable resources extends students’ contact with the language outside the classroom.

Online resources for teachers include tests, extra worksheets and flashcards, and word cards.