Stardust 1-5 Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

Stardust 1-5 Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

Format: CD-ROM
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-480533-9

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Key features

  • Steady syllabus that constantly reinforces language
  • Language is introduced through songs and practised in stories
  • Wide range of resources at every level including a puppet, flashcards, word card booklet, photocopiable materials, posters and tests
  • A photo documentary provides information about British children and their lives
  • An imaginative storyline, superb artwork, and lots of humour stimulate children's creativity
  • Comic-strip reading texts with activities recycle new language
  • A range of evaluation material enables both you and your students to monitor their progress


Stardust gets children talking, chanting and singing!


The loveable alien characters make learning English exciting and fun, imaginative activities and a wide range of resources keep lessons interesting, and, as all of the language is practiced again and again, students feel confident to communicate.

Simple and repetitive, Stardust offers you a straightforward methodology – practise, practise, practise!

Students complete each activity in three ways: with you, in a teacher focused activity with the whole class, in pairs, and individually. This means that they have lots of opportunities to practise the language and remember it!

Captivating space characters show students how language is used through funny stories and songs. The loveable aliens tap into students’ imaginations making English more enjoyable for young learners.

Amusing stories and songs put the new language into an exciting and meaningful context! Even the revision exercises are taught through motivating cartoons.

The unique characters and settings introduce familiar topics for example rooms and clothes, in a way that is out of this world. So students learn the content they need to know, but in a way that is much more fun!

What’s more, the wide range of activity styles including art and craft projects, which are ideal for student’s portfolios, and the amazing materials in the Teacher’s Resource Pack such as unit and end of year tests and a puppet, make it possible for you to teach every child in your class, no matter what their learning style.