Super Surprise Level 2

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Super Surprise! Level 2

Add excitement to your lessons and captivate your class with Super Surprise!.

The fun ‘surprise’ packages from Uncle Harry, mysterious locked chests in the attic and exciting new websites, capture children’s imaginations which motivates them to learn.

Each beautifully illustrated story has been carefully selected to entertain and interest your students.

And fantastic digital material helps you to bring the enchanting stories to life.

  • Class Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Pack
  • Activity Book with MultiROM
  • Audio CD
  • iTools

Key features

  • Engaging ‘surprise’ theme through unknown packages, mysterious locked chests and exciting emails
  • Beautifully illustrated stories from a range of genres
  • Cross-curricular and ‘real-life’ focus
  • Engaging classroom resources including stickers, story posters, flashcards and digital material on iTools and MultiROM
  • Cambridge Young Learners English Test and Trinity Examination practice on the iTools disc
  • Structured portfolio exercises which can be used for students’ CEFR portfolios


With its imaginative ‘surprise’ theme, exciting stories, and interesting topics, Super Surprise! will captivate your class.

Each unit introduces new language and activities through an exciting ‘surprise’.

In levels 1 and 2 the ‘surprise’ is a package from Uncle Harry containing an interesting object and a story. In levels 3 and 4 the characters unlock a mysterious chest packed full of ‘surprise’ objects that accompany a story from Granny, and in levels 5 and 6 the stories are delivered through exciting emails from all around the world.

As your students mature, so does the surprise, which guarantees that they will be engaged and motivated in every lesson.

There are six beautifully illustrated stories in each level, from a wide range of genres, and every story has been carefully selected to appeal to the imagination and interests of your students.

Super Surprise! makes it easy for you to bring the exciting stories to life. It offers you a rich variety of resources for storytelling including stunning story posters and a fully dramatised Audio CD, interactive story books on the iTools and MultiROM, and helpful suggestions for mimes and gestures in the Teacher’s Book.

The cross-curricular lessons and factual texts introduce students to interesting real-world information which gets them thinking about new topics in English, while the iTools offers you the opportunity to prepare students for Cambridge Young Learners English Tests and Trinity Examinations.