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Up and Away in English Homework Books

A six-level set of books with a traditional approach, filled with language and skills exercises, which can be used independently, either at home or in the classroom.

Key features

  • Thematically correspond to Up and Away in English Student Books, Workbooks, and Readers.
  • Audio CD included.
  • Challenging exercises with critical thinking components.
  • Addresses vital reading, writing, and listening skills.
  • Suitable for independent study.
  • Uses a straight-forward, traditional approach.
  • Review units found every 2-3 units to test progress.
  • Parent/teacher signature boxes on every page.


These books not only provide a thorough review, but they also simultaneously push the students to effectively produce the language and grammar structures on their own. This is yet another component and a perfect compliment to the Up and Away in English: Student Books, Workbooks, and Readers. Take your level of English Up and Away with these fantastic new books.