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Zap! A

A two-level package for young learners that starts with listening and speaking but can move on to reading and writing as soon as your class is ready.

  • Part of: Zap!
  • Language Level: Beginner

Zap! is an introductory series that is designed to be followed by the four-level Zabadoo! series, which takes children to the end of primary school.

Zap! A is a wordless starter book, while Zap! B introduces the reading and writing of individual words.

  • Class Book
  • Teacher's Book
  • Class CDs (2)

Key features

  • Two-level, oral-aural course based around a child's own experience of the world.
  • Specially designed for very young learners who are just beginning to read in their own language.
  • An appealing glove puppet of the main character, Marvo the Magician, gives children a real incentive to use their English to join in with the songs and activities.
  • Clear, easy to learn songs are a regular feature of the course.
  • Puzzle pages, stories and cut-outs stimulate imagination, consolidate learning and give children a sense of achievement, whatever their ability.
  • Festivals units introduce young children to cultural aspects of the English-speaking world.