Academic Inquiry 4 Student e-book

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Academic Inquiry 4 Student e-book


The series is designed for the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) writing courses that prepare students from non-English speaking backgrounds for mainstream college and university level studies. The series acts as a bridge into the heavy writing demands of post-secondary education.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-903634-9

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Key features

  • Authentic content from Canadian textbooks helps students prepare for future academic studies.
  • Realistic writing models and methodical practice empower students to become accomplished writers in multiple rhetorical patterns.
  • Sentence skills, grammar skills, and composition skills help students understand and apply key writing skills.
  • Step-by-step writing tasks take students reliably through the entire writing process.
  • Preventing plagiarism strategies in each unit help students master the art of citing, paraphrasing, referencing, and summarizing.
  • Systematic vocabulary instruction in each unit covers the AWL and extends into mid-frequency words, helping students acquire a rich and comprehensive vocabulary base.
  • Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Strategies increase students' engagement, comprehension and success.
  • Language Tips in each unit help students master essential words, phrases and expressions related to the rhetorical patterns being studied.
  • Flexible units allow teachers and students to focus solely on the academic writing goals or also delve into the academic readings and vocabulary instruction.


Grounded in the core academic disciplines found on Canadian college and university campuses, the series takes an inquiry- and content-based approach to developing academic writing skills. The inquiry-based approach puts the needs of students front and centre in each unit, with their questions driving the acquisition of both language and content knowledge. By using academic content as a vehicle to contextualize learning, writing skills are embedded in a rich framework that provides an opportunity for the recycling and spiralling of core concepts. To promote content-rich writing outcomes, authentic academic readings are used throughout the series as a springboard for the promotion of effective academic writing. These readings are accompanied by learning strategies, anti-plagiarism tips, critical thinking development, grammar points, and specific writing skills that are distributed according to the demands of the unit content and writing assignments. Skills and learning strategies embedded in the disciplinary context of a unit build on one another to contribute to the creation of the writing assignment.

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