Oxford Picture Dictionary Canadian Edition Low Beginning Workbook

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Oxford Picture Dictionary Canadian Edition Low Beginning Workbook


Vocabulary reinforcement activities for the Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Canadian Edition. Ideal for classrooms in which the dictionary is being used as a core text.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-543351-7

An illustrated theme-based dictionary for second-language learners that can be used either as a reference book or as a text for high school or adult ESL students. Using full-colour illustrations, words are defined and presented in context. Speaking exercises allow students to practise new vocabulary in pairs or small groups, while the pronunciation guide in the index allows students to check pronunciation during self-study sessions.

Key features

  • Correlates page-for-page with the Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Canadian Edition
  • Contains a variety of speaking and writing exercises, along with helpful graphs, tables, and charts
  • Multi-level listening exercises to reinforce vocabulary development while building listening skills
  • Can be used either as a classroom tool or for self-study
  • New online audio gives students convenient access to the audio recordings that accompany listening exercises


For years, the first Canadian edition of the Oxford Picture Dictionary has been the industry leader among picture dictionaries. The second edition expands on the topics covered in the first, providing more depth of vocabulary in the areas that matter most to students. The illustrations have been completely updated to a more realistic style that appeals to adult learners.

The second edition also contains two new features: Introductory Pages and Story Pages. The Introductory Pages at the start of each unit, introduce the theme, give an overview of key vocabulary, and provide a starting point for discussion. The Story Pages at the end of each unit, consist of two-page spreads allowing students to use the words they’ve learned in context and practise their reading skills.

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The industry’s leading picture dictionary, now with expanded content and more realistic illustrations.

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