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Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Canadian Content Areas

Canadian Edition

A curriculum-based picture dictionary that combines rich illustration with writing, speaking, and listening exercises to reinforce learning.

Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Canadian Content Areas is a theme-based picture dictionary for second language learners and literacy students. Divided by school content areas (curriculum-based), it includes the essential words and topics currently covered in core classes. New concepts are made accessible through full-colour, contextualized illustrations.

  • Dictionary
  • Reproducible Activity Book

Key features

  • Over 1500 words are illustrated separately and in context
  • Topics are based on Canadian curricula—all major content areas are explored, with a strong focus on Canadian social studies
  • Exercises throughout explain difficult concepts and combine content-area vocabulary with the academic language learners need to be successful
  • Clear, vibrant illustrations provide visual meaning to support each content-area term and showcase topic vocabulary in real-world contexts
  • Writing exercises and partner work in every chapter reinforce vocabulary
  • Speaking and listening exercises promote oral language development
  • Critical-thinking questions prompt learners to use higher-level cognitive skills while practising oral language and vocabulary