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Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT™ Exam

A communicative approach to learning for successful performance in the TOEFL iBT™ Exam.

A comprehensive integrated-skills course which fully prepares students to succeed on the TOEFL iBT exam.

The Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Exam gives students the key skills for success on all four sections of the exam. The course takes a communicative approach that reflects current methodologies designed to maximize language acquisition. The dynamic, relevant topics will appeal to students and teachers, offering an opportunity to engage in meaningful research and thought-provoking discussions. Multimedia support brings the program to life and the companion website provides students with online practice tests and valuable extra resources.

  • Student's Book
  • DVD

Key features

  • Teaches independent and integrated skills skills to successfully prepare students for the TOEFL Internet-Based Test
  • A skills-based communicative approach using current methodologies and based on ETS research
  • Theme-based chapters with high-interest topics
  • Complete integration of all 570 word families on the Academic Word List, through exercises, activities, and flash cards
  • Online practice tests can be done in test mode or practice mode with study support tools
  • DVD includes engaging news and documentary segments and classroom presentations
  • Companion website with information, downloadable resources and Student Checklists
  • Designed for use with full-time, part-time and multi-level classes


Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Exam is based on a communicative approach to learning. This TOEFL iBT preparation coursebook is designed to optimize language acquisition, build academic vocabulary, and enhance student performance on all four sections of the exam. A powerful focus on meaningful communication delivers high interest, theme based content, and provides students with reasons to read, listen, speak, and write. This coursebook also features contextualized skills instruction based on comprehensive ETS research that has identified key competencies essential for success at colleges and universities.

High-interest, theme-based content with multimedia support on CD, DVD, and on the website. There are three online practice tests and an online diagnostic test. Step-by-step instructions on how to best respond to all TOEFL iBT question types and tasks. Gets your students involved, with peer teaching and evaluation, paired and group interaction activities and games. Web-based material with exam look and feel prepare your students for test day.


"Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Exam is a comprehensive guide to preparing for the TOEFL and future academic situations.” Tommy Kochel (USA), Associate Professor of ESL and English Composition, Harrisburg Area Community College

“Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Exam is the very book for those who want a higher score on the TOEFL. For students, it offers the latest score enhancing strategies and skills; for instructors, it provides superior methodology.” Seonok Kim (S. Korea) Edufore International School

“The content and organization of the book is excellent: a wide range of high interest topics, clear explanations of target skills reinforced by both print and AV resources, and excellent scaffolding of instruction.” Sharon Perrin (Canada) Business Communications e tutor, Commonwealth of Learning