New Headway Plus Beginner Student Workbook CD-audio

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New Headway Plus Beginner Student Workbook CD-audio

Five-level general English course for adults - adapted for the Middle East and North Africa.


A special edition of the world's most successful course for the Middle East and North Africa

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-471380-1

New Headway Plus is the course you can always trust. Its proven methodology – focus on grammar, clear vocabulary syllabus, integrated skills work – gives you lessons that really work in class. Constant updates mean the material is always current and with a huge range of components, including new digital resources for interactive whiteboards. You’ve always got support when you need it.

Key features

  • Student’s Book with CD-ROM, Teacher’s Book, Workbook with/without key, Class Audio CDs, Workbook Audio CD, Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Clear focus on grammar
  • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus
  • Real-world speaking skills - Everyday English, Spoken English, Music of English
  • Digital resources for interactive whiteboards - New Headway Plus Classroom Presentation Tool


It’s the Middle East edition of the world’s best-selling adult English course, but why? How does New Headway Plus deliver lessons that really do work in class? Short answer: methodology.

The balanced methodology of New Headway Plus combines the best of traditional approaches - solid grammar and practice, vocabulary development, etc - and newer approaches, such as communicative role-play and personalization.

Authors Liz and John Soars have developed a set of principles which “ … is a summary of all we believe when writing and teaching.”

Here are three:

i) Grammar has a core place in language teaching and learning.

ii) A wide variety of practice tasks in all the four skills are essential to language learning.

iii) Everyday expressions, particularly of spoken English, also need a place in the syllabus. These can be functional, social, situational, or idiomatic.

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The course teachers trust … but why?

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