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First Edition

Together has been created especially for students and teachers in Argentina. Its focused, communicative lessons develop social and emotional learning skills, while ensuring that students learn key grammar and vocabulary.

  • Language Level: A1 - B1

With Together you can create dynamic lessons that motivate students to think about the topic they are presenting, develop their critical thinking skills, self-awareness and intercultural competence in a global context.

Together offers a strong approach to grammar in context and extra practice in lessons. Students of different ages gain intercultural awareness through carefully selected topics and images while reflecting on how their perspective fits with others in the world.

Supportive teaching packages will allow you to create an inclusive classroom environment.

  • Student Book & Workbook with the app
  • Student’s website
  • Teacher’s Book with CPT and Teacher’s Resource Centre

Key features

  • Local content to spark students' interest.
  • Carefully organized lessons which are accessible to learners of all abilities.
  • Teach students what they need to know according to the 'Núcleos de Aprendizaje Prioritarios'.
  • Engage students in the classroom by using the dictionary app.
  • The pocket dictionary app has been created for students, and especially for learners of English in Argentina.


With Together you can create focused, communicative lessons developing social and emotional learning skills, while ensuring that students learn key grammar and vocabulary according to local NAP (Núcleos de Aprendizaje Prioritarios).

Express: Give students the confidence to communicate in English through dynamic classroom activities that develop their grammar and vocabulary skills.

Connect: Encourage teenagers to connect their learning to the wider world with topics designed especially for them.

Collaborate: Support students to share ideas in an inclusive classroom environment, where flexible learning materials ensure everyone can succeed in English.