Smart Choice Third Edition

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Third Edition


  • レベル: A1 - B1

1レッスンが1ページで構成されているSmart Choiceは、レッスンの準備時間を短縮し効果的なレッスンを行うツールとして好評です。流暢さの向上を促すスピーキングセクションや、英語でのコミュニケーションを楽しむコンテンツを増強。また、スマートフォンで利用できるON THE MOVEには、楽しみながら学習できるアクティビティ、ゲーム、音声および動画コンテンツを搭載しており、授業以外の時間を活用した学習を可能にします。

  • Student Book/ Workbook Multi-Pack with Online Practice, On The Move and Self-Study Listening
  • Student Book with Online Practice and On The Move
  • Workbook with Self-Study Listening
  • Teacher's Book with Online Practice Testing Program
  • iTools on USB


  • Flexible one-page lessons make prep time easier and lead to successful and focused class time.
  • Speaking pages at the end of every unit increase students' enjoyment of communicating in English and strengthen fluency.
  • On The Move activities, optimized for smartphones, allow students to practice vocabulary and grammar wherever they are.
  • With the Media Center students can download or stream all course video and audio content - anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Practice offers additional practice for all Student Book units that you can assign and track - up to 30 hours per level. Email functionality and a Discussion Board mean that you can communicate with students outside of class.
  • The Online Practice Testing Program provides interactive, auto-scored Progress Tests as well as print-and-go unit, midterm and final tests that teachers can customize.
  • iTools, available on USB, contains all of the Student Book content to present on screen for interactive lessons as well as customizable worksheets, animated PowerPoint ® presentations and video worksheets.
  • Workbook with additional practice of all Student Book vocabulary and grammar plus extra reading, listening, and pronunciation practice to strengthen all language skills.


Welcome to Smart Choice Third Edition - with flexible one-page lessons and more ways than ever to keep students learning outside of the classroom, your adult and young adult students can keep learning wherever they are.

Success on the page

Each Smart Choice unit follows the same trusted "one lesson = one page" approach, making it simple to teach and learn. A perfect balance of challenge and support gradually builds students' confidence and lets them have real success communicating in English. Students learn best from their own experiences, and Smart Choice encourages them to bring ideas and opinions in to class with personalization activities on every page.

Progress on the move

How much time do your students spend on their smartphones, tablets and computers? Imagine if they could use this time to improve their English. With Smart Choice On The Move and Online Practice, both included as part of the Student Book or Student Book/Workbook Multi-Pack, that's now a reality.
  • On The Move, optimized for smart devices, provides 5 fun practice activities for each Student Book Unit. Instant scoring and feedback challenge students to improve their score
  • Online Practice, for use on a PC, offers students 30 hours of additional course correlated practice and keeps students communicating outside of class with an online Discussion Board.
  • Students can download or stream all the Student Book audio and video and the Workbook self-study listening to review anytime, anywhere.
Screenshot of Smart Choice Phone and Laptopr
Choose Smart Choice for smart learning - on the page and on the move.


  • " Smart Choice is great for general English courses because it motivates students to participate in the classroom."
      Jin-sook Lee, Sangji University, Wonju, Korea

  • "We have been very happy with Smart Choice; the pictures are engaging, and the activities are clear. Even our first-year students can understand what to do without translations."
      Alyson Carr, Hokkaido Noboribetsu, Akebi Secondary School, Japan  


How much time do your students spend on their smartphones, tablets and computers? Imagine if they could use this time to improve their English. Smart Choice On The Move and Online Practice provide more ways than ever to keep learning outside of the classroom.

On The Move - use on smartphones

With Smart Choice On The Move activities, teachers can seamlessly integrate mobile technology in to language learning and busy adult students can practice English on their smartphone - anytime, anywhere.

On The Move includes:
  • 5 practice activities for each Student Book unit including grammar, vocabulary, listening and video activities.
  • A fun challenge activity at the end of each unit to test knowledge
  • Instant feedback and scoring
  • All Smart Choice Student Book audio and video and Workbook Self-Study Listening to stream from the On The Move Media Player

  • Screenshot of Smart Choice Phones and Tablet

    Online Practice - use on a computer

    Smart Choice Online Practice extends the Student Book topics and keeps students communicating in English outside of class.
    Computer Screen Smart Choice third edition
    Students can:
    • Complete automatically graded activities correlated to the Student Book units - up to 30 hours of additional practice per level
    • Record and playback their voice for pronunciation practice
    • Communicate in English outside of class with brand new Discussion Board activities
    • Track and manage progress with a personalized achievement page
    • Stream or download all Student Book audio and video and Workbook Self-Study Listening directly to their devices to review anytime, anywhere
    All of this content is included as part of the Smart Choice Student Book or Student Book/Workbook Multi-Pack - no additional purchase necessary!

    Students log in to On The Move and Online Practice using one single access code in the back of every Student Book or Student Book/Workbook Multi-Pack.


Online Practice with Testing Program

With the Smart Choice Online Practice Learning Management System teachers stay in control.
You can:
  • Keep in touch with students outside of the classroom with email and the Discussion Board.
  • Create classes, hide and assign content, and track students' progress through a variety of easy-to-use visual reports.
  • Test students at every stage of the course with the Online Practice Testing Program. Four interactive, auto-scored Progress Tests for each level cover the core Student Book syllabus. Teachers can also download print-and-go and customizable unit, midterm, and final tests from the Teacher's Resources area.
Access the Learning Management System using the access code found in the back of every Smart Choice Teacher's Book.

Screenshot of Smart Choice Monitor

Bring the Smart Choice Student Book to life in your classroom with an interactive version on screen.

Computer Screen of iTools

Teachers can:
  • Launch a variety of audio, video and PowerPoint ® media at the click of a button to promote heads-up learning.
  • Bring the Student Book Conversations to life by playing classroom video segments that provide realistic models for discussing ideas, culture, pronunciation and body language.
  • Write and save notes, draw on the page, and zoom in to highlight sections of the page with the easy-to-use tool bar.
  • Spend less time correcting activities and more time promoting conversation by using the embedded answer keys and audio scripts.
  • Download extra resources including speaking practice worksheets, video worksheets, and PowerPoint ® presentations.
iTools can be displayed using an Interactive Whiteboard or a computer and projector. All Smart Choice levels are included on one USB stick.