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Tactics for TOEFL iBT® Test

A strategic new approach to achieving TOEFL success

First edition


Tactics for TOEFL iBTはキーとなるスキル、攻略法、言語を網羅し、学習者を国際的な高等教育機関に入学するためのレベル(iBT 75~90程度)まで引き上げることを目指す、印刷版とデジタル版コンテンツのブレンド型教材です。

  • Student Pack (Student Book, Online Practice and Practice Test)
  • Teacher/Self-study Pack (Student Book, Online Practice, Practice Test, Audio CD, Audio script and answer key and Companion Site)


  • フォーカス:各ユニットにおいて、十分な検証に基づいた試験対策とストラテジーを用いて説明し、試験に合格するための核となる要素に焦点を当てています。
  • アクセス:学習者に段階別のガイダンスを与えます。また異なるタイプのクラスを持つ教師にも使いやすいよう構成された教室用教材もご用意しています。
  • 統合性:英語力を高めるトレーニングと試験対策を同時に行うことができます。
  • 柔軟性:各ユニットは、このコースを通しでもモジュール別でも取り組めるように30分・60分・90分にまとめた内容で構成されています。また、他の教材とも組み合わせやすいように設計されています。


Tactics for TOEFL iBT is a short and highly focused course. Each unit concentrates on the core elements for exam success through a series of tried-and-tested tactics and strategies. Easy to teach and accessible to students starting with a lower-level of English, the unit structure is flexible and allows the course to be used in a linear or modular way.

For Students:

The four parts of the Student Book—reading, listening, speaking, and writing—deliver step-by-step instruction and practice with the types of questions that students will encounter on the TOEFL iBT. Each part also includes a diagnostic test and a review test, as well as a reference module that contains practical information on that section of the test. Academic vocabulary and key skills are recycled throughout to support learning.

Online Skills Practice (OSP) for students consists of automatically marked exercises with integrated dictionary look-up, grammar reference and detailed explanatory key.

For Teachers:

Online Skills Practice comes with a powerful Learning Management System. With this teachers can set and mark speaking and writing tasks, diagnose students' needs, set homework, track progress, and meet institutional requirements for accountability.

An Online Companion Site with downloadable resources offers lesson plans and expanded answer keys for teachers, and extension activities for students. An Audio CD with Audio Scripts and Answer Key completes the full Tactics for TOEFL iBT package.


“It can be used as a classroom resource and for self-study. It concentrates not only on effective practice but also on skills development.”

Ksenia Torutanova-Ducey - Embassy English, USA

カテゴリ Tactics for TOEFL iBT® Test (2)

Student Pack


A compact course focused on essential skills and strategies for exam success.

Tactics for the TOEFL iBT® Test Teacher/Self-study Pack


A compact course focused on essential skills and strategies for exam success.

ISBN Title
978-0-19-902018-8 Tactics for the TOEFL iBT® Test Teacher/Self-study Pack
978-0-19-902017-1 Tactics for the TOEFL iBT® Test Student Pack