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FCE result!

A completely new exam preparation course, specially written for the revised FCE exam (December 2008).

Key features

  • Vibrant design with high-impact visuals keeps students motivated
  • Integrated dictionary skills work builds new skills
  • Workbook Resource Pack MultiROM provides access to two online practice tests at oxfordenglishtesting.com
  • Teacher's Pack includes Assessment Booklet with DVD and a Using Dictionaries booklet


With its striking design, up-to-date material, and interactive multi-media support for students and teachers, FCE Result is an accessible course and a complete preparation resource. It belongs to the Exams Result series along with CAE Result.

For FCE result! (3)

Student Book


Teachers Pack


Study Companion


ISBN Title
978-0-19-480038-9 FCE result! Study Companion
978-0-19-480076-1 FCE result! Teachers Pack
978-0-19-480065-5 FCE result! Student Book