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Quest 2

Quest is an exciting, brand new series from Oxford University Press, written and researched for Greece, with a rich package of resources, including a FREE multiROM for every student, and iTools interactive software for the school!

  • Part of: Quest
  • Level: A1, A2, A2+ / A-B-C Senior Classes

Key features

  • New Quest iTools for your interactive whiteboard for every level.
  • Best ever stories, high-impact artwork, memorable characters.
  • A song at the end of every unit.
  • Three complete lessons in every unit, organized the way you like to teach.
  • Integrated skills work in all 3 lessons of each unit.
  • A strong writing syllabus, with plenty of support and practice.
  • Clear presentation and thorough practice of grammar.
  • Carefully graded grammar exercises.
  • Optional projects that can be extended pieces of work, or completed quickly.
  • Two pages of revision after every two units, focusing on grammar and vocabulary.
  • A fun spread alternates with the revision spread. Puzzle pages provide a fun opportunity to revise and consolidate vocabulary that has been covered in the previous unit. Story fun introduces students to the topic of the story in the next unit, introducing some vocabulary and acting as a visual dictionary for new words.
  • FREE MultiROM for every student
  • Includes the listening from the story for students to listen to at home.
  • Songs from the Student's Book to sing at home.
  • Interactive exercises to practise grammar and vocabulary.
  • Games for extra fun with English.
  • Works BOTH on a CD Player and a computer.